We’ve recently begun rolling out a new feature for YouKnowIGotSoul where we have artists exclusively reveal their top 10 favorite songs they’ve recorded for their career to date. Our first feature is with Smokey who began as part of the r&b group Playa and has been recording solo music. Playa has gone very underrated through the years, so selecting these songs is harder than you may think. After being a part of DeVante Swing’s Da Bassment clique, Playa left and linked up with Timbaland who produced their first album “Cheers 2 U”.

1. Together

2. Incense Burning

3. Wrong Side of the Bed

4. Sumthin 4 Ya Trunk

5. Let It Go

6. Breaks Me Down

7. Derby City Interlude

8. Hurt Away

9. I-65

10. Hollywood

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