wyld kyle jagged edge get it out the mudd

Kyle from the legendary R&B group has released his first solo single “Get It Out The Mudd”. The song is very different than what we would hear from his group as this song has more of a grassroots Blues type of sound to it. He is also utilizing his vocals in a different way too as he normally sings the falsetto parts in the Jagged Edge records.

No word on whether there will be more solo music to come from Kyle. However Jagged Edge did release their latest album “A Jagged Love Story” a few months back.

We also interviewed Brian Caseyfrom the group recently and he talked about Kyle’s vocal abilities:

“People don’t understand that Kyle has one of the best falsettos. I think he rivals Maxwell or anybody that sings in that register, but he’s just a team player. He doesn’t look at his role as something that needs to be at the front.”