Jagged Edge A Jagged Love Story Album Cover

Legendary R&B group Jagged Edge have finally released their long anticipated new album “A Jagged Love Story”. The group first revealed this double album to us last year during an appearance on The SoulBack R&B Podcast.

Then the album was expected to drop last month. But now it’s officially arrived.

Coming in at over 30 songs, this is easily the longest Jagged Edge album to date. Featured on the project are the previously released singles “Closest Thing to Perfect”, “Genie”, and “Decided”.

Also on “A Jagged Love Story” is the beautiful Bryan-Michael Cox produced ballad “Season of Us”. This is as vintage of an R&B song as you can get from Brian, Brandon, Wingo and Kyle.

“A Jagged Love Story” is the group’s 10th studio album overall. The group last released “Layover” back in 2017.

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