In the latest edition of our Top 10 Best Songs by an artist series we dig into the songs and albums of Jagged Edge. It’s always a good time to revisit the discography of Jagged Edge since the group’s timeless legacy continues to inspire many other artists from the younger generation.

We first heard from Jagged Edge when they released their debut album “A Jagged Era” in the late 90’s with the help of Jermaine Dupri on his So So Def label. Since then, they’ve released nine albums in total and have scored countless hit singles. The group is currently preparing for the release of a double album as a special treat for fans for their 10th project.

Without further ado, here is the list of what we consider to be The Top 10 Best Jagged Edge Songs. As a note, we did not take into account the amazing remixes they have, this is just songs from their albums.

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Also in case you missed it, Wingo from Jagged Edge recently exclusively revealed to us his top 5 songs from the group that should have been singles.

I Gotta Be (From the “A Jagged Era” album)

This touching ballad from the group’s debut album really gave us a great introduction to them and has stood the test of time as a timeless love song.

Jagged Edge Gotta Be


Wednesday Lover (From the “A Jagged Era” album)

The group did an amazing job with this Gap Band cover and really made it their own.


He Can’t Love U (from the “J.E. Heartbreak” album)

The group’s sophomore album “J.E. Heartbreak” had so many quality choices for singles. This song is easily one of the best on the project.

Jagged Edge He Can't Love You Single Cover


Let’s Get Married (from the “J.E. Heartbreak” album)

This song and it’s accompanying remix have both become staples at weddings even two decades after they came out.

Jagged Edge Let's Get Married


Promise (from the “J.E. Heartbreak” album)

“Promise” is a great example of how Jagged Edge has taken timeless love stories and always put their own spin on them lyrically.

Jagged Edge Promise


Where the Party At (featuring Nelly) (from the “Jagged Little Thrill” album)

The group’s third number one single really set the tone for 2000’s R&B in terms of standout R&B/Hip-Hop collaborations.

Jagged Edge Where the Party At


Goodbye (from the “Jagged Little Thrill” album)

Such a sad song but tells such a true story that many men could relate to.

Jagged Edge Goodbye


Walked Outta Heaven (from the “Hard” album)

Jagged Edge really made a name for themselves by being unafraid to show their vulnerability in their music; “Walked Outta Heaven” is a great example of that.

Jagged Edge Walked Outta Heaven


Visions (from the “Hard” album)

This smooth and melodic album cut from the “Hard” album really had so much potential if it had been selected as a single.

jagged edge hard


Hope (from the “JE Heartbeak II” album)

The first single from the group’s “JE Heartbreak” sequel really had a vibe that took us back to the music we loved from the original “JE Heartbreak” album.


Honorable Mention:

What You Tryin’ To Do (from the “J.E. Heartbreak” album)

Remedy (from the “Jagged Little Thrill” album)

What It’s Like (from the “Hard” album)

Dance Floor (from the “Hard” album)

Whole Town Laughing (from the “Baby Makin Project” album)

Way to Say I Love You (from the “Baby Makin Project” album)

Hopefully (from the “Jagged Edge” album)

Love Come Down (from the “JE Heartbeak II” album)

Flow Through My Veins (from the “The Remedy” album)