We roll out the next edition of our “5 Songs That Should Have Been Singles” feature by digging through Jagged Edge albums to find our picks for the groups. The group has an extensive discography, and we listened in full to “A Jagged Era”, “JE Heartbreak”, “Jagged Little Thrill”, “Hard”, “Jagged Edge”, “Baby Makin Project”, “The Remedy”, “JE Heartbreak II”, and “Layover”.

Once again, this article is not to point out that we necessarily disagree with any of the singles Jagged Edge chose over the years. The group has so many timeless hits that it’s really hard to argue with their success. We just felt that the below could have done well on radio should they have chosen more songs to put out.

We also have a special treat in that we got Wingo from the group to share his picks with us. In case you missed it, he also recently joined us on an episode of our SoulBack R&B Podcast for an interview. Additionally, Jagged Edge are currently working towards the release of their new album “A Jagged Love Story” which will include their latest single “Genie”.

Also in case you missed it, we recently rolled out our “5 Songs That Should Have Been Singles” feature on Dru Hill last week.

Here is our list:

Wednesday Lover (from the “A Jagged Era” album)

It’s sometimes easy to forget this song is a cover of the original by Charlie Wilson and his group The Gap Band. The Jagged Edge version was so well put together that they really made it their own.

What You Tryin to Do (from the “JE Heartbreak” album)

Quite honestly we could probably make an argument that any song on the classic “JE Heartbreak” album should be a single. This one especially stands out due to the dynamic production from Bryan-Michael Cox and Kevin Hicks, and the stunning melodies from the group.

Can I Get With You (from the “JE Heartbreak” album)

We quickly go back to the “JE Heartbreak” album to choose the fun and bouncy “Can I Get With You”. The uptempo jam would have made a good radio single companion in contrast to the ballads released “Promise”, “He Can’t Love U”, and “Let’s Get Married”.

Visions (from the “Hard” album)

Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox were masterful on the production for “Visions” from the highly overlooked “Hard” album. The raw vulnerability, relatable lyrics, and melodic flow from this song really put it over the top.

Love Come Down (from the “JE Heartbreak II” album)

The anticipation for the sequel to “JE Heartbreak” was off the charts and “Love Come Down” was the cherry on top of this project. The song was tailor made for radio and really reminded us of the sound of the original.

Wingo’s List:

Respect (from the “Jagged Little Thrill” album)

“Because this song came from one of my real life experiences, I had a friend that was going thru domestic abuse and I asked the guys to do a song about it.”

In the Morning (from the “Hard” album)

“This is just a really sexy relationship song, two people enjoying each other after a night of passion.”

Head of This Household (from the “Jagged Little Thrill” album)

“Another great relationship song where you’re just letting your partner know how much they mean in the relationship.”

Girl It’s Over (from the “Jagged Little Thrill” album)

“Maaan this one shows you when a person gets fed up with a relationship, it’s not always peachy in relationships it’s bad times as well.”

Ghetto Guitar (from the “Jagged Edge” album)

“Just a really Dope, Sexy, Street R&B vibe!”