Jagged Edge A Jagged Love Story Album Cover

The legendary group Jagged Edge have had their fans patiently waiting for the release of their upcoming album “A Jagged Love Story”. The project was first officially announced last year as a double album during an interview we did with the group on our SoulBack R&B Podcast.

It appears as though the group had attempted to release the album today but were hit with a delay. They shared the following message on social medai:

“Bad News: No project release tomorrow. Good News: Release coming any day. Sorry sorry sorry, we tried really hard to meet the 15th, but couldn’t. It will be this month we are anxious to release this body of work.”

When the album does arrive later this month, it will be the group’s 10th overall. This is the first project they will release since they gave us “Layover” back in 2017.

“A Jagged Love Story” is expected to contain the previously released singles “Closest Thing to Perfect” and “Genie”. We do not currently have any other details about guest appearances or production credits.

The new album comes on the heels of the groups epic battle with 112 on the Verzuz platform.

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