Anthony Hamilton Love is the New Black

R&B superstar Anthony Hamilton has just officially announced his upcoming album “Love is the New Black”. This is the singer’s tenth full length album overall and the first since he released “What I’m Feelin” in 2016. “Love is the New Black” is set to release on September 24th, 2021 via his own label My Music Box in partnership with BMG.

You can view the full tracklisting for the album below, which features guest appearances from Jennifer Hudson, Rick Ross and Lil’ Jon. Hamilton had originally intended to pursue a more political driven direction for the album before he shifted the focus to covering the spectrum of human emotions. He adds:

“Going through the Pandemic, we were faced with challenges, in general,” he states. “Then, we were attacked, slaughtered, and slain. In the beginning, the music was really for people who wanted to stand up in honor of Black Lives Matter. It was initially geared towards those souls, hearts, and the people we had lost. There were some really heavy and strong songs on there. As the world started to open, I wanted to lessen the heavy load and allow everyone to celebrate again. We still got a little bit of that, because it’s not going away, and we’ve gone through a lot. That side will be heard, but we’re taking from a bunch of experiences now, getting through it, and taking a turn. I feel like that’s what people need right now.”

He’s been working extensively with Jermaine Dupri once again, who helped him craft the fist single “You Made A Fool Of Me”.

Anthony Hamilton “Love Is The New Black” Album Tracklisting:

1. Love is the New Black.
2. Threw It All Away
3. Real Love feat. Rick Ross
4. I’m Ready feat. Lil Jon
5. White Hennessy
6. Coming Home
7. You Made a Fool of Me
8. I Thought We Were in Love
9. Superstar duet with Jennifer Hudson
10. Pillows
11. I’m Sorry
12. Mercy
13. Safe
14. Mama Don’t Cry