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Editor Picks

Holiday Music: Jon B. "Hold U Down"

[audio:] Here’s an original song from his 2006 album “Holiday Wishes From Me To You.”

Editor Pick: Mary J. Blige “Kitchen” (Written by The Dream/Produced by Tricky Stewart)

[audio:] Here is one of my favorites from Mary J’s new album “Stronger With Each Tear.” I’ll have a full review of the album coming later this week.

Editor Pick: Chris Brown "Take My Time" featuring Tank

[audio:] Ok, this is definitely the only Chris Brown song I’m going to post, and obviously because it was written by and features Tank. Listening to the song, you can definitely hear that Tank wrote it because his style is…

Editor Pick: Donell Jones "Superman"

[audio:] This is my favorite song from the “Lost Files” album. He confirmed that it was recorded during the “My Heart” era so that means back around 1997 which is crazy! Remember, the “Lost Files” album is available now from…

Editor Picks: Brian McKnight “Miss U” & “While”

Here are my favorite songs from Brian McKnight’s album “Evolution of a Man.” The album released October 27th. [audio:] [audio:]

Editor Picks: Amerie “Red Eye” & “The Flowers”

[audio:] [audio:] Here are my favorite songs from Amerie’s upcoming album “In Love & War.” I’ll have a review of the album coming later this week.

Editor Pick: Marques Houston “Express Lane”

“Express Lane” is a song off of Marques Houston’s latest album “Mr. Houston” that released a few weeks ago. While I don’t often give shine to songs that use autotune and other things like that, I’m still feeling this song….