Lloyd Tru EP Cover

Atlanta based r&b veteran Lloyd has just revealed the cover artowrk and tracklisting for his upcoming EP entitled “Tru”. The project is set to release on all digital providers on December 9th, and is the singer’s first project following a five year hiatus. He released the single “Tru” over the Summer, and it’s already had a significant impact at radio.

While away from the industry, Lloyd took time to focus on his family, and also to earn his high school diploma and learn to play the guitar. He last released the album “King of Hearts” back in 2011.

Speaking on the shocking cover art, Lloyd explained:

“It was really more of an introspective thing. Although what you see on the outside is a guy who is apparently balls-to-the-wall naked in the woods near a waterfall, it’s really a moment for me to conquer all the fears that I might have had. All the inhibitions, the insecurities that usually exist in a person; to me it’s no exception. Insecurities of the body, being free in a public place.”

In response to the questions he knows he’s going to get in response to the cover, Lloyd adds:

“I don’t know if I really captured it with the artwork; I hope people don’t see it and think that I’m trying to sell or degrade myself. I wanted to make it as tasteful as possible. Unfortunately, a naked body is seen as exploitive or nasty. I think that it’s beautiful, because that’s the way you come in.”

Gearing up for the release of the project, Lloyd gave fans a remix to “Tru” which features rapper 2 Chainz.

Lloyd “Tru” EP Tracklist

1. “Tru”
2. “Heavenly Body” (featuring Rick Ross)
3. “Holding”
4. “Excited”
5. “Tru (Remix)” (featuring 2 Chainz) (Bonus)