Louis York PJ Morton Puppet Strings

Musical duo Louis York (aka Claude Kelly & Chuck Harmony) are back at it again with their fresh new single “Puppet Strings” featuring PJ Morton.

This is the fourth single released from the group’s upcoming EP “Songs With Friends”. Also released is a visual to accompany the song which was directed by Jae Hale.

“Puppet Strings” represents a seamless fusion of musical brilliance, as Louis York and PJ Morton join forces to create a song that resonates deeply with the human experience. The track showcases the duo’s signature blend of soul, R&B, and pop, enveloping listeners in a sonic journey that is both soul-stirring and uplifting.

Morton adds about the collaboration:

“I’ve known Chuck and Claude for many years. I’m happy we finally get to work together on something. When they brought puppet strings to me I loved it instantly.”

Also featured on the upcoming “Songs With Friends” EP are the previously released singles “Three Little Words” featuring Tamia, “Alone A Lot” featuring Anthony Hamilton and “Heaven Bound” featuring Jessie J.