Mashonda Note To Self EP Cover

Singer/Songwriter Mashonda has just released her latest EP called “Note to Self” via Tifrere Music distributed by Beatroot.

The five-song EP is a sonic collection of self-reflection, and includes the single “Complicated” which she’s just released the video for as well today.

“Note To Self” shares Mashonda’s lessons learned navigating romantic relationships throughout the last five years. Mashonda compliments the music’s healing, therapeutic mood with interludes that serve as affirmations. The EP was co-written and co-produced by Mashonda and The Millennials. She adds:

“This project is a return to my first love, music, on my terms. Note to Self is a diary that explores the navigation of love and pain and the transformation that comes with that journey. Every word of this EP is inspired by my personal experiences through the human emotions that come with love.”

The video for “Complicated” was shot in New York and marks the debut for Mashonda as a producer and creative director.

“Complicated” follows the previous two singles from “Note to Self”: “Forbidden Fruit” and “Positive Distraction”.