Maxwell State Optical Sunglasses

While fans wait on the upcoming tour and album from Maxwell, he’s got some other exciting news to share. The singer has linked up with STATE Optical Co for an expansion of their STATE X Maxwell sunglasses collaboration. This will lead to a limited edition sunglass style designed in partnership with the renowned recording artist.

The STATE x Maxwell BLACK_SUMMERS’_NIGHT titanium sunglasses will be available for exclusive pre-sale starting Valentine’s Day. Crafted in Japan, BLACK_SUMMERS’_NIGHT will be available in three colorways: BLACK- a midnight blue frame with brown gradient lenses, SUMMERS’- a rose gold frame with light pink lenses, and NIGHT- a chrome frame with light aqua lenses.

He adds:

“Partnering with STATE for this second collection has been an incredible and rewarding experience. Being really hands-on in the creation process, from beginning to end, has been very special and lends to the authenticity of the collection. This collection embodies my style.”

The name of the collection is of course in reference to his trilogy of albums, which we are currently waiting on the third part to release. He gave fans a taste of the album on the current single “Off”.

Maxwell will also kick off his tour in March with support from Joe and Anthony Hamilton.

Photo Credit: Brandon Carter