Frankie J and Baby Bash have linked up once again for the new single “My Love Is On The Way”. The 90’s inspired single is just one of many that the two have done together. Frankie J and Baby Bash previously did the hits “Obsession (No Es Amor)” and “Suga Suga” together.

When we interviewed Frankie J a few years back about his chemistry with Baby Bash, this is what he had to say:

The stuff I do with him, it always has to come easy because we’ve always had this connection and chemistry in the studio. It’s been there since our first song “Suga Suga”. We always have fun. We never think about anything in the studio. We go with our gut feeling and he’ll think of some cool concepts. I’ll do the same and when we get together, it just comes out naturally. We don’t put too much thought into it and that’s what people love from us. We always just come up with something fresh and just have fun with it. That’s how the hits are recorded.

Frankie J is currently putting the final touches on his upcoming R&B album “Back To Us”. He released the lead single “With You” with Raz B. and Paul Wall a few months back as well.