Ruff Endz Rebirth

Veteran R&B group Ruff Endz return with their brand new album called “Rebirth”.

This is the fifth album overall from the duo of David “Davinch” Chance and Dante “Chi” Jordan. Their previous album “Soul Brothers” came out back in 2018.

Included on the album are the previously released singles “Be the One” and “Congratulations”. They share about the album:

“The inspiration behind this album was birthed out of our experiences, both personally and professionally. Musically the album embodies elements from the classic era of R&B which we thought were important to preserve but still be able to incorporate a 2021 perspective. We are excited about this project because it’s a true expression of how we really feel as men. We see life as a roller coaster of emotions and “REBIRTH” is a reflection of us riding the emotional ups & downs of life. Each song shares about an emotion that we have experienced and how we dealt with those situations.”

The group hope that the overall positive tone of the album will cater to any R&B lover no matter where they are in life.