Stokley Mint Condition She

Legendary Mint Condition front man Stokley continues to reach new heights as a solo artist with his latest accolade. The singer has just announced that his current single “She” has hit the #1 spot on the Urban A/C Radio and Billboard Charts. This is the first time he’s reached that spot as a solo artist.

“She” was written by Stokley and Carvin Haggins and has remained on the charts for 28 weeks since its release in late 2019.

The song is expected to be the first single from Stokley’s upcoming sophomore solo album “Sankofa”. The album was originally planned to release this Spring, but has been pushed back to the Summer due to the global pandemic.

In a recent interview we did with Stokley, he talked about the meaning of his hit “She”:

Stokley: Basically, just many facets of the person you want to spend your life with, in my experience. That could resonate with anyone in a relationship, especially whether the significant other is He or She. Just really appreciating the many different facets. Really taking the bad with the good, you’ve got to have both sides. I just touch on a little bit on the song. But he deeper meaning would be appreciating all areas of that, don’t just look at the good, you need all the sides to make up that person.

Up next Stokley will soon release the new single “Vibrant” with Snoop Dogg. Stay tuned for the new single and album later this Summer!