Lion Babe Begin Album Cover

Emerging r&b duo Lion Babe have just released their debut album “Begin”, and you can get a full stream of the album now via Spotify.

The release comes as a follow up to their self titled EP and features many of the great singles they’ve released over the past year including “Treat Me Like Fire”, “Wonder Woman”, “Impossible”, “Jungle Lady”, and the new single “Where Do We Go” for which they’ve recently released a video for.

The group, made up of singer Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman, have collaborations with Pharrell and Childish Gambino on this debut album “Begin” which they’ve released via Interscope/Polydor. The group performed at our Sol Village showcase early on in 2015, and have developed a large following since.

Additionally, we sat down with the group early last year for an interview to get some insight into their creative process and how they work together as a team. This is what they shared:

Lion Babe (Lucas): It’s definitely evolved and we do it all sorts of ways now. One thing we try and hold onto is how we first started with this. I would go to Jill’s spot or she’d come over and I’d play her beats or new music I was working on. She’d be humming a melody or getting a vibe and whichever ones she was feeling you can definitely tell and we’d record some of that. She’d just freestyle some melodies or words. Then we just go from there and see whichever ones we’re feeling the most. Usually it starts out like that.

Lion Babe (Jillian): I think now that we’re used to working in actual recording studio, we aim to go in and finish at least a song a day. A lot of times you go and there’s a certain vibe about the day and you’re feeling a certain type of way and you write something or he makes a beat and you return to it sometimes if it’s not fully finished. It’s kind of hard to recreate it. So I think at first we were just trying to make stuff and now we’re trying to make a whole chapter and go back and read it later. Definitely there has to be an organic feel to it and I don’t think that’s really changed. We’ve just grown with how we make songs.