faith evans soon as i get home edited


For the next edition of our Artist Top 10 Best Songs List series, we turn our attention to the discography of the legendary Faith Evans. Since Faith has already achieved celebrity status it might be easy to assume that her music is overrated in some capacity. However, a quick revisit to her catalog and it’s easy to see that it’s not even close to the case.

In fact, Faith Evans made a name for herself as one of the premiere R&B artists in the 90’s and has remained one of the most consistent until this current day. Her vocals and songwriting put her among the greats and her ability to create timeless R&B ballads and dance floor anthems have solidified her legacy.

There is a lot more to the catalog of Faith Evans than just the hits songs though. She has never released a poor album and she has so many album cuts that easily could have been singles. For that reason you will see that we have a very large honorable mention section of picks in addition to our top 10.

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Without further ado, here is our list of The Top 10 Best Faith Evans songs in chronological order:


Soon As I Get Home (from the “Faith” album)

We’ve been on record as saying this might just be the best R&B ballad in the 90’s.
faith evans soon as i get home edited


Kissing You (from the “Waiting to Exhale” soundtrack)

Faith provided this beautiful gem as her contribution to the star studded “Waiting to Exhale” soundtrack.
Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack


Love Like This (from the “Keep the Faith” album)

This song has gone on to become the signature jam that Faith is known for. Put this one on and it will immediately start a party!
faith evans love like this


Never Gonna Let You Go (from the “Keep the Faith” album)

This timeless Babyface penned ballad is a reminder of the amazing love songs Faith has given us.
Faith Evans Never Gonna Let You Go


I Love You (from the “Faithfully” album)

There aren’t many who can compare with the lush and beautiful vocals over a well written love song like this.

Faith Evans I Love You


Can’t Believe (featuring Carl Thomas) (from the “Faithfully” album)

This duet among Bad Boy labelmates has always been a standout and remains in rotation.
Faith Evans Carl Thomas Can't Believe


Tru Love (from “The First Lady” album)

Did we mention that Faith Evans has a knack for creating timeless love songs? Here is another great example.
Faith Evans Tru Love


Stop N Go (from “The First Lady” album)

This Carvin & Ivan produced album cut could have easily been a single; the creative lyrics made it a winner.
Faith Evans Tru Love


Gone Already (from the “Something About Faith” album)

A moving song full of passion and emotion along with a flawless vocal performance by Faith.


Baby Lay (from the “Something About Faith” album)

This amazing r&b ballad was only a bonus track on the “Something About Faith” album. However the quality of the song is right up there with “Soon As I Get Home” in our opinion .


Honorable Mention:

-You Used to Love Me (from the “Faith” album)

-Fallin In Love (from the “Faith” album)

-Ain’t Nobody (from the “Faith” album)

-I Just Can’t (from the “High School High” soundtrack)

-All Night Long (featuring Puff Daddy) (from the “Keep the Faith” album)

-Lately I (from the “Keep the Faith” album)

-Alone in this World (from the “Faithfully” album)

-Burnin Up (featuring Loon) (from the “Faithfully” album)

-Where We Stand (from the “Faithfully” album)

-Heaven Only Knows (from the “Faithfully” album)

-Good Life (from the “Funkmaster Flex “The Mix Tape, Vol. 4: 60 Minutes of Funk” album)

-Again (from “The First Lady” album)

-Goin Out (featuring Pusha T) (from “The First Lady” album)

-Ever Wonder (featuring Mario Winans) (from “The First Lady” album)

-Worth It (from the “Something About Faith” album)

-Too High for Love (from the “R&B Divas” album)

-Tears of Joy (from the “R&B Divas” album)

-Make Love (featuring Keke Wyatt) (from the “Incomparable” album)

-Extraordinary (from the “Incomparable” album)

-NYC (featuring JadaKiss & The Notorious B.I.G.) (from “The King & I” album)