Mya 2018

Next up in our Top 10 Best Songs feature we take a look at the discography of singer Mya. It might come as a surprise to some that Mya Harrison has already released 13 projects over the course of her career that spans two decades.

The singer has released 9 albums, 3 EP’s and 1 mixtape while remaining one of the most consistent R&B artists among her peers. It’s been truly admirable to watch Mya as she rolled out her Planet 9 independent label nearly a decade ago and taken control of her own career.

Truth be told it was no easy task to put together this list with so much quality music to choose from (which would explain why we selected 15 honorable mention songs!!). She’s had so many hit songs and this doesn’t even include her collaborative smash singles like “Ghetto Superstar” with Pras and ODB, “Take Me There” with Blackstreet and Mase, “Girls Dem Sugar” with Beenie Man, and “Lady Marmalade” with Pink, Lil’ Kim and Christina Aguilera among others.

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Without further ado, here is our list in chronological order:


It’s All About Me (featuring Sisqo) (from the “Mya” album)

Coming off of her appearance on the hit single “Ghetto Superstar”, expectations were through the roof for Mya. She lived up to the hype on her debut single with some help from Dru Hill front man Sisqo.

Mya All About Me


My First Night With You (from the “Mya” album)

The singer showed off her lush vocals on this beautiful Babyface & Diane Warren penned hit.
Mya My First Night With You


Case of the Ex (from the “Fear of Flying” album)

Perhaps the singer’s most recognizable hit to date. The production on the song was so fresh for an R&B song, and Mya really put her stamp on it.
Mya Case of the Ex


Best of Me (featuring JadaKiss) (from the “Fear of Flying” album)

We might be in the minority, but we’ve always felt the original version of “Best of Me” was the superior of the two. The remix with Jay-Z still knocks as well.

Mya Best of Me


My Love is Like Wo (from the “Moodring” album)

Another huge hit for Mya and a song that really is so unique and sounded like nothing else at the time. Courtesy of Missy Elliott.
Mya My Love is Like Wo


Fallen (from the “Moodring” album)

Amazing use of a hip-hop sample to create a dynamic and memorable R&B jam.
Mya Fallen


Life’s Too Short (from the “Liberation” album)

This Bryan-Michael Cox produced gem was a standout album cut which could have easily been a single.
Mya LIberation


Cry No More (from the “Sugar & Spice” album)

The “Sugar & Spice” album was really strong with many choices that stood out to us. “Cry No More” is the one we love the most.
Mya Sugar and Spice


Mr. Incredible (from the “K.I.S.S.” album)

Well over a decade into her career, Mya was still churning out vintage R&B jams like “Mr. Incredible”.


One Man Woman (Ol’ Skoo’ Joint) (from the “Smoove Jones” album)

Easily one of our favorite R&B songs of the past decade, Mya took it back with this one. Timeless R&B.
Mya Smoove Jones


Honorable Mention:

Movin’ On (from the “Mya” album)

Baby It’s Yours (from the “Mya” album)

Now or Never (from the “Fear of Flying” album)

How You Gonna Tell Me (from the “Fear of Flying” album)

Free (from the “Bait” soundtrack)

The Best of Me (Part 2 featuring Jay-Z) (from the “Backstage: A Hard Knock Life” soundtrack)

Take a Picture (from the “Moodring” album)

Paradise (from the “Sugar & Spice” album)

Money Can’t Buy My Love (from the “Beauty & The Streets, Vol. 1” mixtape)

Love Me Some You (featuring Marques Houston) (from the “K.I.S.S.” album)

House Party (from the “With Love” EP)

Super Woman (from the “Sweet XVI” EP)

Patience (from the “Love Elevation Suite” EP)

Welcome to my World (from the “Smoove Jones” album)

Ready for Whatever 2.0 (from the “TKO (The Knock Out)” album)