Avant August 2015


Veteran R&B singer Avant has recently released his 9th album “Can We Fall in Love” (click here for our most recent interview with Avant) and it seems like a good time to dig through his discography.

Avant has undoubtedly been one of the most prolific hitmakers in R&B music over the past two decades. He’s made a name for himself through his many hit singles and his albums are always a solid brand of R&B.

He began his journey as part of Magic Johnson Music back in 2000 and hasn’t slowed down since. In fact his debut album “My Thoughts” celebrated it’s 20th anniversary this year. (Click here for our in depth interview with producer Steve “Stone” Huff about that album).

As part of our Top 10 Best Songs series, we attempt to identify the best songs an artist has released over their career, from the singles to the album cuts. Without further ado, here is our Avant list:

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Separated (From the “My Thoughts” album)

The debut single from Avant where it all started. The song was already a hit locally in Chicago before he even signed!

Avant Separated


My First Love (featuring Keke Wyatt) (From the “My Thoughts” album)

This stunning and beautiful ballad cover song introduced the world to the powerhouse vocalist Keke Wyatt and quickly gave Avant a second hit single.

Avant My First Love


Makin’ Good Love (from the “Ecstasy” album)

The singer came back strong with the lead single from his sophomore album. “Makin Good Love” is a tailor made bedroom jam.

Avant Makin Good Love


Read Your Mind (from the “Private Room” album)

Avant followed  a similar successful formula on this one to score another hit single.

Avant Read Your Mind


Everything About You (from the “Private Room” album)

Quite possibly our favorite album cut from Avant. This beautiful ballad is one of his best love songs.

avant private room album cover


Can’t Wait (from the “Shark Tale” Soundtrack)

“Can’t Wait” is a gem that was tucked away on the Shark Tale soundtrack. Production team The Underdogs really helped Avant craft a timeless song here.


4 Minutes (from the “Director” album)

Avant has never been afraid to show his vulnerable side and “4 Minutes” is a great example of that. Sonically this is also one of his best.

Avant 4 Minutes


When It Hurts (from the “Avant” album)

We’ve always appreciated Avant as a songwriter. Songs like “When It Hurts” show how he can take a timeless love story and put it in his own unique words.


Kiss Goodbye (from the “The Letter” album)

This progressive R&B song was a great evolution to the sound Avant introduced us to a decade earlier.

Avant Kiss Goodbye


You & I (featuring Keke Wyatt) (from the “Face the Music” album)

Fans had been waiting for these two to collaborate once again, and they came through in a big way on this hit single.



Honorable Mention:

“Get Away” (from the “My Thoughts” album)

“Heaven” (from the “Private Room” album)

“Don’t Take Your Love Away” (from the “Private Room” album)

“You Know What” (featuring Lil’ Wayne) (from the “Director” album)

“Right Place, Wrong Time” (from the “Director” album)

“Sensuality” (from the “Avant” album)

“Graduated” (from the “The Letter” album)

“Gratitude” (from the “Face the Music” album)

“Special” (from the “The VIII” album)