Vivian Green Love Absolute Album Cover

Veteran singer Vivian Green has just announced that her anticipated upcoming album “Love Absolute” is set to release on November 13th, 2020. This is her seventh studio album overall and will come out via Make Noise/SRG ILS/UMG label. “Love Absolute” is currently available for pre-order now.

You can also check out a new song from the album now called “You Send Me”. The song was co-written by Green along with her frequent collaborator Kwame. Also included on the upcoming album is a new version of her previously released song “Light Up” featuring rapper Ghostface Killah.

Vivian adds about the album:

“I felt liberated to explore what was in my head without a spotlight, judgment or criticism, while recording Love Absolute,” mentions Vivian. “I began writing songs at the piano when I was just eleven years old. For me it is the purest expression of songwriting. My voice and the keys serve as vessels of the music in my head. In my solitude and away from the studio. While that surely comes later, I prefer the raw expression to come first, because there is certainly magic there. That magic is what makes “Love Absolute” different from my previous albums.”

Vivian Green “Love Absolute” Tracklist:

1. Love Song
2. You Send Me
3. He Didn’t Hurt Me
4. This Love
5. Light Up (featuring Ghostface Killah)
6. Where You Are
7. Harlem Blues (featuring Mike Phillips)
8. Pain
9. That Kinda Pain
10. Jordan’s Question
11. We Are Everywhere
12. Sweet Home
13. The Walk Up