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Exclusive: Tweet Reveals Her Top 10 Favorite Songs She’s Recorded to YouKnowIGotSoul

Tweet’s been out since 2002 and has been dropping some serious heat for the past decade. Here is a snapshot of the work she has put out. Despite only releasing 2 albums so far, I can say that Tweet has…

Top 10: Favorite Tweet Songs (Guest Editor)

Here is a list courtesy of one of Tweet’s biggest supporters on twitter MS_TweetPromo 1. Beautiful 2. Smoking Cigg 3. Real Lady 4. Boogie 2nyte 5. Always will 6. Oops 7. Call me 8. Complain 9. YOU 10. Ny dear

Classic Vibe: Omarion “Touch” (2005) (Produced by The Neptunes)

Today’s classic vibe is the second single off Omarion’s debut solo album “O”. The song was produced by The Neptunes, though I think it was just Pharrell on the beat.

Classic Vibe: Beyonce “Me, Myself and I” (2003)

Here is my all time favourite song by Beyonce. It’s probably improbable that she’ll ever do a full R&B again again, but in my opinion, that is where Beyonce really shines vocally.

Classic Vibe: J. Valentine “She Worth The Trouble” (2007) Here is J. Valentine’s signature song “She Worth The Trouble”. It’s a shame this single didn’t do all that well because I was looking forward to his CD “Conversation Piece”. Not sure what’s going on with that album, but…

Editor Pick: Day26 “Girlfriend” (Produced & Written by Tank)

Here is a Tank produced and written song that I feel would have had some success on the charts if it were released as a single.

Editor Pick: Destiny’s Child "Temptations" (1999)

[audio:] Here is one of my favorite songs off Destiny’s Child second album “Writing’s on the Wall.”

Classic Vibe: Toni Braxton “I Don’t Want To” (1996) (Written/Produced by R. Kelly)

Here is the R.Kelly written ballad from Toni’s classic “Secrets” album.

Editor Pick: Jamie Foxx “Can I Take You Home” (Written by Static Major/Produced by Timbaland)

[audio:] The song was produced by Timbaland and written by Static. This reminds me of an old Jodeci song.

Classic Vibe: Bobby V. "My Angel (Never Leave You)" (2005) Here’s the third single off of Bobby V.’s debut album.