We continue on our “5 Songs that Should Have Been Singles” feature series with a look at the discography of albums from Bobby V. Additionally as a special treat, we got Bobby V himself to provide his own choices to us.

As a disclaimer, this is not to say we necessarily disagree with any of the songs that were chosen by Bobby V. You can’t argue with the hits he’s had over the years. We feel that these songs could have also had a strong impact had they also been selected.

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Here is our list:

Want You To Know Me (from the “Bobby Valentino” album)

The debut album was full of great songs, but this ballad was the one. The beat on its own is already incredible, but Bobby V’s vocals definitely take it to the next level as he pours his heart out on the bridge. This really reminded us of something that Tim & Bob would have done with Boyz II Men during their second album.

Make You The Only One (from the “The Rebirth” album)

Tim & Bob brought the Asian inspired R&B sound to the game and Bobby mastered that sound. This song followed the blueprint of hits like “Tell Me” and “Slow Down” and we know how much success those two songs had.

IF I Can’t Have You (from the “Fly On The Wall” album)

This was the highlight on “Fly On The Wall”. The song runs for over five minutes but it’s one of those songs that you wish never ended because it’s pure ear candy. The beat is so smooth and Bobby’s vocals are top notch here.

If I Had My Way (from the “Special Occasion” album)

Loved the lyrical concept on this song! Rodney Jerkins was in a zone when he produced this song.

Are You Ready? (from the “Dusk Till Dawn” album)

Bobby V delivered an amazing bedroom jam with this one! This is another record that takes you on a journey as Tim & Bob’s amazing production is on full display with the banging drums and the beautiful guitar strings in the back.

Rearview (Ridin’) featuring Ludacris (from the “Special Occasion” album)

It’s a shame this song didn’t come out as a single as this had all the ingredients to be a smash. The Timbaland beat is still incredible to this today and it proves why he’s one of the best producers ever. Bobby V and Ludacris are also undefeated together and this song was no exception.

Bobby V’s List:

Are You Ready? (from the “Dusk Till Dawn” album)

“Just a dope track. I especially love the end when I go into the falsetto.”

Rearview (Ridin’) (Featuring Ludacris) (from the “Special Occasion” album)

“Probably would have been bigger than “Anonymous”. Just a overall dope record.”

IF I Can’t Have You (from the “Fly On The Wall” album)

“The chords on this record are amazing and the music at the end gets rewinded everytime I play this track.”

Love Abuse (from the “Peach Moon album)

“The “Peach Moon” project was Grammy worthy, but that’s the story of my career. “Love Abuse” really talks about my life and the track is like nothing I’ve ever done before.”

Butterfly Tattoo (from “The Rebirth” album)

“I put Rick Ross on the remix of this record and always knew it was a smash. The next thing I know, “Aston Martin Music” was a smash using the same track. I know how to make hits, just don’t get a lot of support especially from my R&B peers, but I can’t stop because I am R&B.”