We continue on our “5 Songs that Should Have Been Singles” feature series with a look at the discography of albums from Jon B. Additionally, we got Jon B. himself to provide his own choices to us. He even hand wrote them out as you can see in the images below.

This article is not to point out that we necessarily disagree with any of the singles that Jon B. had chosen over the years. The singer has had so many timeless hits that it’s really hard to argue with his choices. We just really feel strongly that the below could have performed well in addition.

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Here is our list:

Let Me Know (from the “Cool Relax” album)

The “Cool Relax” album already had multiple very successful singles, but this classic album still had more to offer. “Let Me Know” with its uptempo vibe feels like a great extension of the album’s title track, and is a great example of Jon’s work as a writer and producer.

Pleasures U Like (from the “Pleasures U Like” album)

This was another album that has some amazing album cuts that could have been singles. A real standout is the title track which has such a smooth and chill vibe. Jon has always truly shined on these types of songs throughout his career.

Tell Me (from the “Pleasures U Like” album)

Loved the unique production on this song. You could really hear how Jon B. was evolving as a producer, and the lyrics on this track are so relatable.

Stronger Everyday featuring Tank (from the “Stronger Everyday” album)

This epic duet really showcased two amazing vocalists and featured some very melodic verses and an outstanding production.

Paradise In U (from the “Helpless Romantic” album)

One of the smoothest cuts that Jon has given us; did we mention he shines on these types of tracks? It came as no surprise that he told us during an interview that this song was actually recorded in the 90’s and a leftover from one of his previous albums. It could have easily fit in on the “Cool Relax” album.

Jon B. BB Kings August 2016

Jon B.’s List:

Isn’t It Scary (from the “Bonafide” album)

“Very Isley Brothers, Tony Toni Tone, Rufus type of influenced song. This is from listening to a lot of Ron Isley, Johnny Gill, Lo-Key…This is R&B. For me it’s got a groove to it that glides like rolling PCH on a Summer Day.”

Can’t Help It (from the “Cool Relax” album)

“Very Timbaland, Missy Elliot, Playa influence. I was showing the darker side to relationships on this record with a hip-hop under layer. Still very R&B with a Godfather appeal.”

Finer Things featuring Nas (from the “Pleasures U Like” album)

“I am a huge fan of Nas. I wanted to make an “R U Still Down” type of classic with him. One of my favorite MC’s! Making that record with him in the studio was one of the greatest feelings, watching the creativity flow.”

Over Joyed featuring Faith Evans (from the “Pleasures U Like” album)

“Such a fan of her sultry smooth voice. Such a pleasure working in the studio with her. Golden spirit that shows on the record. We definitely blended well together. A song for lovers young & old.”

Through the Fire featuring Scarface (from the “Stronger Everyday” album)

“Profound record in that it is a testimony for someone who’s been through dark times. After the fire in my home studio in 2000, I was seriously affected by the loss of all my musical equipment as well as the music that is irreplaceable having to start from scratch. The song was the aftermath and a great symbol of finding inner strength. Scarface’s rap made it legendary and a classic for me. His voice is unmistakable. We both were happy to collaborate as we both had mutual respect.”