This time around in our “5 Songs That Should Have Been Singles” series we shine the spotlight on Case. He joined us for the article and shared his picks for songs from his discography that he felt also could have been singles. We shared ours at the end of the article as well.

One benefit to us in doing these articles is it really gives us the opportunity to revisit an artists catalog and appreciate all of the good music they’ve given us before. When it comes to Case, you really have to look beyond the big singles like “Touch Me, Tease Me”, “Happily Ever After”, “Faded Pictures”, “The Best Man I Can Be”, & “Missing You” to find the true gems. That’s not even to mention his other singles like “More to Love”, “Lovely”, and “Shook Up”.

In cased you missed it, we ran a couple of these features stories already on Dru Hill (click here to read), Jagged Edge (click here to read), Jon B., and Bobby V.

Check out the picks from Case, and stay tuned for more in this series coming soon!

Case’s List:

Conversate (from the “Open Letter” album)

“It was actually supposed to be the 3rd single from “Open Letter” but the label flaked. I think it fit dope coming behind “Missing You”, and not your friend. Perfect tempo, had Jazz from Dru Hill on backgrounds. It was solid”

Deja Vu (from the “The Rose Experience” album)

“Had a dope sound that was different from any other record i had made at that time. Was my pick as first single from “Open Letter”.”

Heaven (from the “Therapy” album)

“I thought it was a great record, I love the vibe of the record, especially in the context of the “Therapy” album.”

Replay (from the “Heaven’s Door” album)

“I love “Replay”, its a fun sounding record. Real melodic, well produced. But I knew we would only get one single from “Heaven’s Door” so we didn’t drop it.”

Tour (from the “Heaven’s Door” album)

“Hands down one of my favorite records. I love the vibe, I love the sounds, love melody. It sets a mood from the minute it comes on.”

Here is our list:

If (from the “Personal Conversation” album)

This was an infectious song that of course used the same undeniable sample that Lil’ Kim & Lil’ Cease used on “Crush On You”. Case put an R&B spin on it and turned it into a major groove.

No Regrets (featuring Charlie Wilson) (from the “Open Letter” album)

A collaboration between two R&B heavyweights that turned into an soaring, emotion driven ballad. So much feeling in this song.

Deja Vu (from the “The Rose Experience” album)

Case has been a master of creating these self reflective relationship type songs over the course of his career. The unique lyrics and interesting production make this one a winner.

Me and You (from the “The Rose Experience Album” album)

“The Rose Experience” album was really slept on. This song is a great example of how Case put a spotlight on the many different situations when dealing with relationships. The song is so melodic and the production is outstanding.

Blast Off (from the “Heaven’s Door” album)

This song is a great example of the progression of Case as an artist. The music and structure of the vocals definitely shows evolution from his previous work and the song is fun.