Jon B Tank Waiting On You

It was exciting for R&B lovers when Jon B. returned recently with his new single “Waiting On You” featuring Tank.

The legendary singer/songwriter/producer has now taken things a step further by announcing that his ninth studio album will release in 2024.

The 11 song album will feature collaborations from Rick Ross, Donell Jones, and Alex Isley, in addition to Tank.

“Waiting on You” was the first new single from Jon since he released “Priceless” in 2019. It was meant to reflect where he is in his life. He adds:

“Waiting on You” describes the feeling of anticipating love in your life; the seasons of waiting,” says Jon B. “No matter the timing, even when it seems like it’s taking forever, you have to be patient for your partner in life. Not giving up makes it all worth the wait.”

From the upcoming album, fans, and avid listeners can expect a continuation of his artistic expression and musicianship that has captivated the hearts of R&B enthusiasts with each release since his debut.

It’s been nearly twelve years since Jon released his last album “Comfortable Swagg” in 2012.