toni braxton dance

Legendary R&B singer Toni Braxton is back with her new single “Dance”. The song is the follow up to her lead single “Do It”. She also added an uptempo remix of “Do It” which features Missy Elliott. All the songs will appear on her upcoming album “Spell My Name”.

The new single “Dance” is produced by Antonio Dixon. We recently spoke to Antonio about this song and this is what he had to say about the song as well as the music they have coming up:

I’ve worked with Toni since her “Libra” album so I look at her as my big sister. We just try to figure out what she wants to do and we listen to a lot of records. We just catch her in the moment of what she’s loving and try to come up with some things. We’re still in the process of working on that one. The next record coming out is “Dance” which is for those that want to go rollerskating. It has some 70’s disco to it. That’s going to be the next single coming out. I’m finishing up on that project.

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