As part of our ongoing celebration of some of the best R&B artists, we now take a closer look at the albums and songs of Amerie. The singer kicked off her career in the early 2000’s and has given us the albums “All I Have”, “Touch”, “Because I Love It”, “In Love & War” and “4AM Mulholland”. She also released an EP called “Drive”.

Needless to say, Amerie’s debut album is a classic. Any song on that album could have very easily made this list. What some may not realize is how many other high quality songs she’s given us over the past two decades. In fact our friend Edd at recently ranked her albums.

Without further ado, here are what we feel are the best Amerie songs:

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Why Don’t We Fall in Love (From the “All I Have” Album)

The first single Amerie ever released and easily one of her best. It introduced us to the fresh and dynamic sound she cooked up with producer Rich Harrison and set the tone for her career. Not to mention we can’t think about Summer R&B jams without thinking about this the video!

Amerie Why Dont We Fall in Love


I Just Died (From the “All I Have” Album)

We really could have chosen any song that Amerie had on her debut album to go on this list. The project is easily a classic and “I Just Died” has such a unique and dynamic sound to it.

amerie all i have


All I Have (From the “All I Have” Album)

This stunning ballad capped off Amerie’s debut album and showcased her beautiful vocals perfectly.

amerie all i have


1 Thing (From the “Touch” Album)

This song has become perhaps the song that defines the career of Amerie. “1 Thing” was such a huge hit and it really built on the fresh sound that Amerie and Rich Harrison started on her debut.


All I Need (From the “Touch” Album)

Rich Harrison handled the bulk of the production on Amerie’s sophomore album and knew how to tailor his beats to her style perfectly. Another that’s just so refreshing and dynamic.

Amerie Touch Album Cover


Rolling Down My Face (From the “Touch” Album)

This song is a great example of the progression Amerie showed as an artist from her first to second album. This songs sounds familiar to the vibe of her debut but taken to another level. Definitely could have been a strong single.

Amerie Touch Album Cover


Take Control (From the “Because I Love It” Album)

Amerie’s third album isn’t her most well known but that’s not due to a lack of quality songs. “Take Control” was the first single and really had potential to do a lot more.

Amerie Take Control


Crush (From the “Because I Love It” Album)

“Crush” was another stand out song on the “Because I Love It” album and would have made a strong choice as a single.

Amerie Because I Love It Album Cover


Why R U (From the “In Love & War” Album)

This song was the first single on Amerie’s fourth album and took her sound to a whole different vibe. The old school hip hop drums fueled production allowed us to see another side of the singer.

Amerie Why R U


Curious (From the “4 AM Mulholland” Album)

We’ve heard mixed reviews from fans about the double album that Amerie last released. The song “Curious” was clearly the standout and surely progressed her sound.

Amerie 4 AM Mulholland



Honorable Mention:

Got To Be There (From the “All I Have” Album)

Talkin’ About (From the “Touch” Album)

Just Like Me (From the “Touch” Album)

Somebody Up There (From the “In Love & War” Album)

Hate2LoveU (From the “Because I Love It” Album)

Red Eye (From the “In Love & War” Album)

Out Loud (From the “Drive” EP)