For the next edition of our Top 10 Best Songs list series, we revisit the discography of the legendary singer Case.

Case is clearly one of the biggest R&B singers to emerge from the 90’s and has continued to be one of the most consistent with releasing good music to this day. He’s had some true standout timeless singles, but also plenty that have gone overlooked or not chosen as a single ta all.

Choosing the list below was a challenge, but we made sure to choose plenty of extra honorable mention songs so really spotlight his catalog.

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Without further ado, here is our list of the Top 10 Best Case Songs in chronological order (Click any song title to listen to that song).


Touch Me, Tease Me (featuring Foxy Brown & Mary J. Blige) (from the “Nutty Professor” soundtrack)

One of Case’s most memorable songs and an early hit that turned him into a star and became a timeless jam.


Faded Pictures (featuring Joe) (from the “Rush Hour” soundtrack)

An epic collaboration among two of the best R&B singers from the 90’s.
Case Faded Pictures Joe


Happily Ever After (from the “Personal Conversation” album)

A timeless wedding song that has become notable for it’s feature of a young Beyonce in the video.
Case Happily Ever After


Think of You (from the “Personal Conversation” album)

One of the more slept on singles from Case but still one of his best.
Case Think of You


Missing You (from the “Nutty Professor II: The Klumps” soundtrack)

The song that has become the signature song from Case and also has a pretty unique backstory.
Case Missing You


Love of My Life (from the “Open Letter” album)

One of our favorite Case album cuts, this one is a real heartfelt ballad.
Case Open Letter Album Cover


Lovely (from “The Rose Experience” album)

“The Rose Experience” ranks among Case’s best albums and a big reason for that was the lead single “Lovely”.
Case The Rose Experience Album Cover


Deja Vu (from “The Rose Experience” album)

Another of our favorite Case album cuts and a true standout from “The Rose Experience” album.
Case The Rose Experience Album Cover


Shook Up (from the “Heaven’s Door” album)

The most recent hit single from Case which found the singer in vintage form.
Case Shook Up Single Cover


Heaven (from the “Love Jones, Vol. 1” EP)

A great example of how Case continues to stay true to his core sound over two decades into his career.
Case Heaven


Honorable Mention:

-More to Love (from the “Case” album)

-Cryin Over Time (from the “Case” album)

-If (from the “Personal Conversation” album)

-Scandalous (featuring Cam’Ron) (from the “Personal Conversation” album)

-Wishful Thinking (from the “Open Letter” album)

-No Regrets (featuring Charlie Wilson) (from the “Open Letter” album)

-Even Though (from the “Open Letter” album)

-Shoulda Known Betta (featuring Ghostface Killah) (from “The Rose Experience” album)

-Me and You (from “The Rose Experience” album)

-Let Me Down Easy (from “The Rose Experience” album)

-Feels So Long (from the “Here, My Love” album)

-Blast Off (from the “Heaven’s Door” album)

-You Just Don’t Know (from the “Heaven’s Door” album)

-Love Will Do (from the “Therapy” album)

-Spinnin (from the “Therapy” album)