Deborah Cox 2015

We took some time to dig into the entire discography from the legendary Deborah Cox to uncover her Top 10 Best Songs. The singer has put together quite a career to date, with a couple of classics albums and tons of hit singles.

There is pretty much no doubt that Deborah Cox is one of the standout R&B artists out of the 90’s era. Her first two albums “Deborah Cox” and “One Wish” could easily be considered classics.

Perhaps most interesting about her career is that she reached a whole new audience via massive dance remixes to her singles like “Things Just Ain’t the Same” and “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here”. She would go on to release original dance hits in the decades to follow.

Take note that we did not consider her album “Destination Moon” during this review because it lands more in the Jazz genre. It’s also important to note how criminal it is that we haven’t got a new album from Deborah Cox since “The Promise” in 2008.

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Without further ado, here is our list in chronological order:


Sentimental (from the “Deborah Cox” album)

Her Dallas Austin produced debut single introduced us to the singer and kicked off a massive run of success.

Deborah Cox Sentimental


Who Do U Love (from the “Deborah Cox” album)

Another single from her debut album, the fresh production and standout vocals make this one a winner.

Deborah Cox Who Do U Love


It Could’ve Been You (from the “Deborah Cox” album)

This one is still in rotation even though it wasn’t a big hit as a single. You can never go wrong with properly placed horns in the production!

Deborah Cox It Couldve Been You


Things Just Aint The Same (from the “One Wish” album)

The original version of this song was placed on the classic “Money Talks” soundtrack, and the dance remix became a bigger hit.

Deborah Cox Things Just Aint the Same


Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here (from the “One Wish” album)

Another song that had a massive dance remix, but we’re always drawn to the original slow jam version. Written by Montell Jordan.


We Can’t Be Friends (featuring R.L. of Next) (from the “One Wish” album)

One of the most vulnerable, heartfelt and vocally impressive ballads we can remember from the 90’s.


Up & Down (In & Out) (from “The Morning After” album)

This was the lead single from her third album and always felt it was a positive progression sonically for Deborah Cox as an artist.

Deborah Cox Up and Down


Did You Ever Love Me (from “The Promise” album)

This Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis produced gem was the first single on Deborah’s 4th album “The Promise”.

Deborah Cox The Promise Album Cover


More Than I Knew (non-Album Single)

This single was expected to be the lead from her long awaited album “Work of Art”.

Deborah Cox More Than I Knew


Easy Way (non-Album Single)

This Rico Love produced song is another nice progression for Deborah’s sound.

Deborah Cox Easy Way


Honorable Mention:

The Sound of My Tears (from the “Deborah Cox” album)

Just Be Good to Me (from the “Deborah Cox” album)

It’s Over Now (from the “One Wish” album)

September (from the “One Wish” album)

Love Is On The Way (from the “One Wish” album)

Givin It Up (from “The Morning After” album)

You Know Where My Heart Is (from “The Promise” album)

All Over Me (from “The Promise” album)