For the next edition of our Top 10 Best Songs series we take a look at the discography of legendary R&B group Next. We’ve long said that the group doesn’t nearly get the credit they deserve when the top 90’s groups are mentioned. The catalog of music they’ve given us certainly proves that to be true.

The group has released three albums to date but none since 2002 (They are on the list of artists we need a new album from in 2021). Regardless, they have managed to deliver to their fans plenty of timeless hits over the course of those projects. This doesn’t even include the collaborations they’ve had on other artists projects or RL’s solo music or songs he has contributed to other artists. (You can read more about RL’s songwriting here).

Since the group was discovered by DJ Kay Gee of Naughty by Nature, the trio has created magic with him over the course of all three of their albums. The group is of course known for massive crossover pop hit singles like “Too Close” and “Wifey”, but their music is way deeper than that. Our list includes additional honorable mention songs since it was impossible to pick just 10.

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Without further ado, here is our list of the Top 10 Best Songs by Next in chronological order. (Click any song title to listen to that song)


Too Close (from the “Rated Next” album)

An undeniable hit that will still get a party started as soon as the DJ puts it on.
Next Too Close


Butta Love (from the “Rated Next” album)

A sensual and smoothed out ballad that was also a big hit from Next’s debut album.
Next Butta Love Single Cover


Cozy (from the “Rated Next” album)

This slick jam is our favorite album cut from the “Rated Next” album. Easily could have been another big hit.
next rated next album Cover


I Still Love You (Remix featuring Big Pun) (from the “I Still Love You” single)

The original version of this song is great, but the remix with the late Big Punisher really took it to another level.
Next I Still Love You Single Cover


Wifey (from the “Welcome II Nextasy” album)

A timeless wedding anthem where Next was able to replicate the success of their biggest hit “Too Close”.
Next Wifey


Beauty Queen (from the “Welcome II Nextasy” album)

This wasn’t one of the biggest singles by Next, but the unique lyrics and production make it a winner.
Next Beauty Queen


My Everything (from the “Welcome II Nextasy” album)

This standout album cut is a beautiful love song that is one of our favorites from the sophomore album.
Next Welcome II Nextasy


Imagine That (from “The Next Episode” album)

The lead single from Next’s final album and one that really deserves more attention than it got at the time.
Next Imagine That


Just Like That (from “The Next Episode” album)

This song was written by RL originally for fellow group Ideal, but Next made a good choice to keep it as their own.
Next The Next Episode


Your Love Is (from “The Next Episode” album)

Another standout from the “The Next Episode” album which as a whole really didn’t get the love it should have.
Next The Next Episode


Honorable Mention:

-I Still Love You (from the “Rated Next” album)

-Represent Me (from the “Rated Next” album)

-Rock On (from the “Rated Next” album)

-Penetration (featuring Naughty by Nature) (from the “Money Talks” soundtrack)

-Nobody (featuring Mysonne) (from the “Violator The Album: Vol. 1” compilation)

-What U Want (featuring Beanie Sigel) (from the “Welcome II Nextasy” album)

-Brand New (from “The Next Episode” album)

-Feels Good (from “The Next Episode” album)

-That’s My Word (from “The Next Episode” album)

-Want It (non-album single)