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We as R&B lovers will always be supportive of the greats in our genre. That doesn’t mean we have to be patient when we are anticipating their next release!

At YouKnowIGotSoul we love to celebrate the releases that many of the R&B greats give us when they feel compelled to put out an album. Although album sales are not what they used to be due to the popularity of streaming, the truth is that many artists are not releasing albums nearly as frequently as they used to.

However, you will still find that the majority of our R&B greats from years past will still put their heart & soul i
nto the creation on an album when they do share it with the world.

We thought it would be fun to take a look at those who have kept us waiting the longest since their last album. We created a list of some of the artists fans are most anticipating a new release from. So just to be clear, the list is not all inclusive to every artist we are waiting on an album from, but those who have given us the longest wait.

For example, we’d love a new album from Usher even though he’s not on the list. The same goes for Donell Jones but his new one will be out any day now.

Without further ado, here our list in alphabetical order.


Ashanti (Last Album 7 Years Ago in 2014)

Ashanti last gave us her fifth album “Braveheart” in 2014. There really hasn’t any concrete information out there that she’s working on a follow up.
Ashanti Apple Store Soho 2014


Carl Thomas (Last Album 10 Years Ago in 2011)

The singer has hinted at a follow up to his fourth album “Conquer” over the years but it has yet to arrive.


Chico DeBarge (Last Album 12 Years Ago in 2009)

We really don’t have much to say about the whereabouts of Chico DeBarge or when his next album might be. His previous album “Addiction” certainly left us wanting more.


D’Angelo (Last Album 7 Years Ago in 2014)

You never quite know when the ever elusive D’Angelo might pop up and return with a new album. He did just that when he released “Black Messiah” in 2014 and disappeared again seemingly just as quickly.


Deborah Cox (Last Album 13 Years Ago in 2008)

We thought a new Deborah Cox album was on the way in 2015 but she went in a different direction. Needless to say, a new album is long overdue.
Deborah Cox 2015


Dru Hill (Last Album 11 Years Ago in 2010)

We thought we were getting close to a new Dru Hill album a few years ago when footage surfaced of them in the studio with Troy Taylor. Their fourth album “InDRUpendence Day” remains their latest, albeit with a bit of a different lineup.


El DeBarge (Last Album 11 Years Ago in 2010)

What a time it was when El DeBarge made his triumphant return with the “Second Chance” album in 2010. Unfortunately a decade has passed and we’re no closer to a follow up album.


Dwele (Last Album 9 Years Ago in 2012)

It’s almost too easy to forget that it’s been this long since the last Dwele album “Greater Than One” since he’s so low key. Regardless, he’s always given us quality albums and we’re ready for the next one.


Erykah Badu (Last Album 11 Years Ago in 2010)

The ever elusive Erykah Badu actually gave us a mixtape back in 2015. We really have no idea when we might get a follow up to her last album “New Amerykah Part Two”.
Erykah Badu Essence Festival Press Room 2014


Ginuwine (Last Album 10 Years Ago in 2011)

It seems that every time we’ve interviewed Ginuwine over the past decade he’s been talking about a follow up to his last album “Elgin”. Clearly, it has never come out.


Glenn Lewis (Last Album 8 Years Ago in 2013)

Another artist who is easy to lose track of because he is so low key on social media. They don’t get more talented than this though and we really do need a follow up to his “Moment of Truth” album. He did tease us by recording the vocals on the DJ Jazzy Jeff “Chasing Goosebumps” album a few years ago.


Jill Scott (Last Album 6 Years Ago in 2015)

Another legendary artist on this list who is taking their sweet time to create their next album. It has been over 20 years since her debut album now and we’re ready for the next chapter in her legacy.


Jon B. (Last Album 9 Years Ago in 2012)

Just because Jon B. has been crushing the pandemic quarantine with his Vibezelect Live Music Series doesn’t mean we are willing to be any more patient about the release of a new album! All kidding aside, we do need a new album from one of R&B’s greatest creators.
Jon B. BB Kings August 2016



Kelly Price (Last Album 7 Years Ago in 2014)

One of the greatest voices of this generation has kept us waiting far too long. In a recent interview, Kelly Price let us know she is getting back to business soon though.


Keri Hilson (Last Album 11 Years Ago in 2010)

It seemed that Keri had some urgency towards putting out a new album a couple of years back but alas nothing came of it. We really have no idea what her plans are for the future.


Melanie Fiona (Last Album 9 Years Ago in 2012)

The talented Melanie Fiona has been really quiet in terms of new music in recent years. She was ramping up towards a new album a few years ago but unfortunately nothing came to fruition.
Melanie Fiona Verizon Mist Harlem May 2015


Monica (Last Album 6 Years Ago in 2015)

Monica is another artist who announced a new album recently but it never came out. Let’s hope the follow up to “Code Red” is on the way soon.


Next (Last Album 19 Years Ago in 2002)

The 90’s R&B group we’re anticipating a new album from along with Dru Hill is Next! Lead singer RL has done his part to keep the fans satisfied over the years with his solo material, but we’d love to hear a new one from all three original members.
RL Sol Village SOBs May 2015

Pleasure P (Last Album 12 Years Ago in 2009)

The Pretty Ricky front man has certainly teased a new album many times over the past decade since his solo debut “The Introduction of Marcus Cooper”. He has since reunited with the group and released a mixtape but not a sophomore album.

Robin Thicke (Last Album 7 Years Ago in 2014)

Here is one artist on the list who actually has a confirmed album on the way. It’s easy to forget how much of a different place he was in when he released his last album “Paula”.


Bonus Mention:

We included these three groups as bonus mentions because we really can’t be certain if these groups will even reunite to record an album. That being said, we’d certainly celebrate one should it arrive.

Guy (Last Album 21 Years Ago in 2000)

It’s very hard to predict if Guy will ever get back together to do another album. Group member Damion Hall told us he’d love to reunite with Teddy Riley and brother Aaron for a new project soon.

Jodeci (Last Album 6 Years Ago in 2015)

Is it fair to say that the last Jodeci album didn’t feel like a Jodeci album? Even Mr. Dalvin of the group told us he’d agree with that. As it stands right now, it’s hard to say if there will ever be a follow up.

New Edition (Last Album 17 Years Ago in 2004)

You know we had to have New Edition on this list. The legendary group has continued to thrill fans over the years with their relentless touring schedule, but it’s unclear on if they will ever come together to do a new album.
New Edition Essence Music Festival 2013