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Holiday Music: Joe "It Aint Christmas"

[audio:] An original song from his album “Make Sure You’re Home for Christmas” released earlier this year.

Holiday Music: Musiq Soulchild "Jingle Bells"

[audio:] His rendition of the classic song from his “A Philly Soul Christmas” released in 2008.

Holiday Music: Jagged Edge "This Christmas"

[audio:] Released on the “12 Soulful Nights of Christmas” album from 1998.

Holiday Music: Jon B. "Hold U Down"

[audio:] Here’s an original song from his 2006 album “Holiday Wishes From Me To You.”

New Music: Jaheim “Hickies on my Neck” & “Closer”

[audio:] [audio:] It’s good to hear something new from Jaheim, with the new songs “Hickies on my Neck” and “Closer”. We’ve always considered Jaheim to have the talent to create timeless music, and although he has some great songs, we…

Classic Vibe: Foxy Brown "Big Bad Mamma" featuring Dru Hill (1997)

This song was featured on her debut album “Ill Nana” and also on the soundtrack to “How to be a Player.” Foxy’s career has had a lot of peaks and valleys over the years (the valleys mostly created by her…

YouKnowIGotSoul Interview With Case

YouKnowIGotSoul caught up with Case to discuss everything from his latest album “The Rose Experience,” to having a new outlook on life after accidentally being shot, to his unforgettable yet embarrassing experience in meeting Michael Jackson. YouKnowIGotSoul: Let me start…

New Music: Ginuwine “Superstar”

“Superstar” is a currently unreleased song by Ginuwine.

Classic Vibe: AZ "Sugar Hill" featuring Miss Jones (1995)

This was the debut single from AZ off of his “Doe or Die” album back in 1995. Since then, AZ has managed to keep a very strong fan base while consistently dropping solid albums and refusing to give in to…