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Classic Vibes

Classic Vibe: Trey Songz “Gotta Make It” featuring Twista (2005)

Here is one of my favourite Trey Songz tracks ever. The song features Twista who fits in perfectly with this song and was the lead single off his debut album. I’ve actually followed Trey’s career from his first album to…

Editor Pick: Ashanti “Struggle”

[audio:] Here’s a hot joint from Ashanti’s “The Declaration” album. The first part in the song where Ashanti is doing her best Bone Thugs N Harmony impression almost made me skip the rest of the track, but once I heard…

Classic Vibe: Alicia Keys "Diary"

The classic vibe of the day is “Diary” by Alicia Keys featuring Tony Toni Tone. This is one of my all time favorites by her. Big shout out to my buddy Jennine for choosing this song!

Editor Pick: Mariah Carey “Babydoll” (Produced by Stevie J.)

[audio:] I always felt like this Stevie J produced track was like the long lost cousin of Aaliyah’s “One in a Million”. Both songs were written by Missy Elliott, had crazy harmonies and had similar production (with the double stuttering…

Editor Pick: Mario “Directions” (Produced by Saint Nick)

[audio:] Here’s a nice slow jam from Mario’s second album “Turning Point”. The song sounded very generic to me at first, but I found myself listening to it more and more for some reason. It’s just easy on the ears….

New Joint: Ginuwine – Break (Snippet)

Here is a promo video of Ginuwine’s new CD “Elgin”. The song playing in the video is “Break” which will be Ginuwine’s second single. The track was written by Dianne Warren and produced by Bryan Michael Cox. EDIT: I have…

Classic Vibe: Jodeci "Love U 4 Life" (1995)

Here is the classic slow jam “Love U 4 Life” by Jodeci. If you pause at 1:19 in the music video, you will notice a young Ginuwine, Timbaland, Magoo and Playa (RIP Static Major) standing beside Devante Swing.

Editor Pick: Brandy “Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out”

[audio:] Brandy completely shines on this song as she showcases her vocals like never before. I know a lot of people are more interested in Brandy’s complex harmonies (and believe me when I say I love them as well), but…

Editor Pick: Karina Pasian "Slow Motion"

[audio:] “Slow Motion” was definitely one of my favorite songs of 2008 as it showcased the beautiful vocals of the young and mega-talented Karina. I am not sure what Karina is up to these days, but hopefully an album is…

New Joint: Sunshine Anderson “Lie To Kick It” (Produced by Mike City)

Here is the first single off Sunshine’s new album which should be out November 2nd. This record is HOT and I can’t wait to hear what else is on the album.