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Corey Latif Williams

YouKnowIGotSoul Presents Anatomy of a Hot Song: The Creation of Musiq Soulchild’s “Teach Me”

Musiq Soulchild released “Teach Me” as a single from his 2007 album “Luvanmusiq”, a song that would go on to become one of his most successful. The song was written by fellow Philly native Corey “Latif” Williams and produced by…

Interview: Corey “Latif” Williams on “Dealing With Life”, Hackers Benefiting His Career, Sharing His Soul in Music

It’s very easy for the common fan to assume just because an artist hasn’t been in the spotlight making music or putting out an album, they are no longer doing music. From the outside, if you look at the career…

Latif “One Kiss” (Video)

This is the first single from Latif’s upcoming album which will be out this September.

Latif “One Kiss”

LATIF “One Kiss” by manhattan recordings

New Joint: Corey "Latif" Williams "Love TKO" (Teddy Pendergrass Cover)

[audio:] I must be under a rock because this is another album that came out and I had no idea about; and I was even waiting on this one!! Ok, so technically, and I can’t even confirm this, I think…

New Music: Corey “Latif” Williams “A Lil More Time”

Latif is currently working on his second studio album called “Love is Love” which should be out later this year. His “Breath Of Fresh Air” mixtape which released earlier was very good, so check that out if you haven’t yet.

New Music: Corey “Latif” Williams “Dream”

It looks like Latif might be finally ready to put writing for others aside for awhile to focus on his second album. If these songs, and most specifically “Dream,” are going to be any indication of what we can expect…

Editor Pick: Latif "For All Time" (Duet with Michael Jackson)

[audio:] When I first picked up the Michael Jackson “Thriller: 25th Anniversary Edition” a few years ago, it included a song called “For All Time” that was recorded during the “Thriller” sessions but remained unreleased. After a few listens, I…