This time around in our “5 Songs That Should Have Been Singles” series we shine the spotlight on Montell Jordan. He joined us for the article and shared his picks for songs from his discography that he felt also could have been singles. We shared ours at the end of the article as well.

One benefit to us in doing these articles is it really gives us the opportunity to revisit an artists catalog and appreciate all of the good music they’ve given us before. When it comes to Montell Jordan, you really have to look beyond the big singles like “This Is How We Do It”, “Let’s Ride”, “Get It On Tonite”, “Falling”, & “I Can Do That” to find the true gems.

In cased you missed it, we ran a couple of these features stories already on Case (click here to read) , Dru Hill (click here to read), Jagged Edge (click here to read), Jon B., and Bobby V.

Check out the picks from Montell Jordan, and stay tuned for more in this series coming soon!

Our list:

Coulda Woulda Shoulda featuring Case (from the “Montell Jordan” album)

A classic R&B duet with Case. The two veterans sound great on this album and the chorus is almost like poetry.

Let’s Cuddle Up (from the “Get It On…Tonite” album)

You can’t really can’t go wrong with a bedroom record from Montell Jordan. The production is so smooth on this song and Montell brings it vocally especially at the end of the song.

Can’t Go To Bed Mad (from the “Masterpeace” album)

Just an overall solid song with good vocals, production and lyrics. It’s everything that we love about R&B. Montell proved on this record that he still has something to offer to the game when he put out “Masterpeace” in 2019.

I’ll Do Anything (from the “This Is How We Do It” album)

Another great bedroom banger from Montell Jordan with an insane bridge. This would have worked so well in 1995.

One Last Chance (from the “Let’s Ride” album)

Montell poured his heart out on this ballad and showcased that he was capable of doing more than the party jams.

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Montell Jordan’s List:

Irresistible (from the “Let’s Ride” album)

“It was neo soul & Jazz, but wasn’t street enough for what I was created to be on the label.”

Let’s Cuddle Up (from the “Get It On…Tonite” album)

“A dope ballad with a crazy chorus. One of my label execs didn’t think I could say “cuddle” in a song and maintain street cred.”

Coulda Woulda Shoulda featuring Case (from the “Montell Jordan” album)

“Great well written song. Dope feature. Me and the label parted ways right before the release of this project, so no other songs were released.”

Me and You (from the “Let It Rain” album)

“Classic Montell soulful uptempo record vibes, but the independent label I signed with stole the album and put it up right at the beginning of the digital distribution era.”

Anything & Everything featuring Redman (from the “Let’s Ride” album)

“Fun danceable record. Felt like 112 “Only You” remix. Got play internationally.”