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Montell Jordan

Rare Gem: Montell Jordan – Falling (Teddy Riley Remix) (featuring Shaunta)

It’s interesting, but depending on who you talk to, they might call Montell Jordan a one hit wonder. It’s true, we’ve heard this from some uniformed music fans. Perhaps because his debut single “This is How We Do It” would…

Rare Gem: Montell Jordan “Do You Remember (Once Upon a Time)” (Remix)

Though Montell Jordan released “Do You Remember (Once Upon a Time)” as a single and had the video treatment, the remix version of the song has long gone overlooked. The original was produced by Shep Crawford and included on his…

Rare Gems

Rare Gem: Sam Salter “Incomplete” (Original Version)

So before Sisqo ended up singing this song, it was originally recorded by L.A. Reid’s artist Sam Salter. The song was going to appear on his second album “Little Black Book”, but the album was shelved so Sam’s version of…

Interview: Montell Jordan Shares his Joy from Transformation to Christian Music and the Ministry

“I get more joy out of seeing people focused and looking toward God than I did when they were looking toward me.” This statement was made by Montell Jordan and sums up his transformation as a Christian, and it doesn’t…

Classic Vibe: Kelly Price & Friends “Love Sets You Free” (2000)

Take some of the most talented artists from one label, add two great producers and what do you come up with? An incredible collaboration like this! This song was included as a bonus track on Kelly’s sophomore album, Mirror Mirror….

Classic Vibe: Montell Jordan “When You Get Home” (1998)

From Montell’s 1998 “Let’s Ride” album, this songs samples Marvin Gaye’s classic cut “I Want You.” Montell definitely did his thing on this track. Even though its been rumored that Montell has quit the business for good, I hope he…

Classic Vibe: Sisqo “Incomplete” (1999)

Here is the Montell Jordan written song “Incomplete” by Sisqo which is Sisqo’s most successful single to this day. Even though many associate Sisqo with “Thong Song”, I think this is the song that really made people believe that he…

Classic Vibe: Montell Jordan "Falling" featuring Flesh-N-Bone (1996)

Once again shout out to my man Samuel for putting me on to this one as well. Not only do I miss 90’s r&b, but I also miss that classic Bone Thugs sound! This was the second single from Montell’s…

Classic Vibes

Classic Vibe: Montell Jordan "Get It On Tonite" (1999)

Although this was the last Billboard Top 200 charting single for Montell Jordan, he has released three album since then with no success.

Classic Vibes

Classic Vibe: Montell Jordan "This is How We Do It" (1995)

One of the best R&B dance songs of the 90’s, still in heavy rotation in the clubs to this day.