We take it as our responsibility to help keep the R&B genre alive and celebrate the heroes who have made major contributions throughout the years.

To go along with that mission, we’ve taken on the ambitious task to identify the current situation of the biggest Male R&B artists from the 90’s. Through our research and general knowledge we’ve attempted to compile the list below which should fill you in on what each of these artists have been up to.

Have you ever found yourself wondering “Whatever happened to…” your favorite artist? Hopefully we’ve helped to answer that question. In case we missed anyone, feel free to drop a comment and we will do our best to add them to the list. This list is current as of January 2021.

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Aaron Hall

Aaron Hall was an original member of the group Guy and released the three solo albums “The Truth”, “Inside of You”, and “Adults Only”. Aside from touring with Guy in the mid 2010’s, and joining Nas on his single “Bye Baby” in 2011, Aaron Hall hasn’t done much in music since his last solo album “Adults Only” in 2005. He reunited with his group Guy in 2023 to join New Edition on their tour.


Al B. Sure!

One of the pioneers of the New Jack Swing sound who had much success in the late 80’s and early 90’s. His last album release was “Honey I’m Home” in 2009 and we really haven’t got any new music from him since. In the meantime he has performed spot dates and also currently hosts a radio show. He underwent serious health issues in 2022, but thankfully has recovered.


Alfonzo Hunter

The singer is known for his debut album “Blacka Da Berry” in 1996 which featured extensive production from Erick Sermon. He has largely been gone form the music scene since, aside from a single called “Fly” from 2009.


Anthony Hamilton

The soul crooner has grown into one of the premiere talents in R&B music in the decades since his debut album “XTC” from 1996. His last album was “What I’m Feelin” in 2016 and he continues to tour extensively. He released the single “Back Together” featuring Rick James in 2020, and released his latest album “Love is the New Black” in 2021 via his own label. In 2023, he partnered with Frances Grey on their hat line, and also joined Louis York on their single “Alone A lot”.



A singer/songwriter/producer icon who made a name for himself in the 80’s but carried that huge success into the 90’s. Babyface last released his album “Return of the Tender Lover” in 2015, and his collaborative album “Love, Marriage & Divorce” with Toni Braxton in 2014. He still writes and produces for other artists, and tours in the meantime. He joined legendary producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis on their 2020 single “He Don’t Know Nothin Bout it”. He also released his latest solo album “Girls Night Out” in 2022. In 2023, he released the new single “As a Matter of Fact”.


Big Bub

Big Bub emerged from the R&B Group Today and went on to release a few projects as a solo artist. He put out albums including “Comin’ At Cha” and “Timeless” in the 90’s, and released “Renew” in 2011. He’s still active and put out a new single “Rain” in 2019.


Bobby Brown

The New Edition icon achieved massive success in the late 80’s and early 90’s with his albums “Don’t Be Cruel” and “Bobby”. His last album was “The Masterpiece” in 2012, but he released the latest single “Like Bobby” in 2018. There are no indications that a new album is coming, and he continues to tour with New Edition.


Brian McKnight

The legendary singer has become one of the most consistent R&B artists when it comes to releasing music. He’s had a string of successful singles from his latest albums “Better” from 2016 and “Genesis” from 2017. McKnight announced his retirement from new music following the release of his final album “Exodus” in 2020. However, in 2023 he released the album “McKnighttime Lullabies” which was geared towards parents with kids.


Calvin Richardson

The Prince of Soul has been active since releasing his debut album “Country Boy” in 1999. He’s released 8 albums to date with the latest being “Gold Dust” in 2019. He released the new single “Be Your Friend” in 2021.


Carl Thomas

Carl Thomas technically released his debut album at the top of 2000, but he made a name for himself through collaborations in the late 90’s. He’s released four albums to date including “Emotional”, “Let’s Talk About It”, “So Much Better” and “Conquer”, the latter coming in 2011. He hasn’t released an album since, but constantly talks about releasing new music. In 2021, he announced he’d formed the group “The Chi” alongside Dave Hollister and Donell Jones.



Case became one of the premiere R&B artists in the 90’s and early 00’s with hits like “Touch Me, Tease Me”, “Faded Pictures”, “Happily Ever After”, “Best Man I Can Be”, and “Missing You”. He’s continued to tour and release strong projects over the years including his latest “Therapy” in 2018. Here is our latest interview with Case.


Chico DeBarge

This singer released two albums in the mid 80’s, but really rose to prominence in the 90’s with his albums “Long Time No See” and “The Game, which spawned hits like “Iggin Me”, “No Guarantee”, “Give You What You Want (Fa Sure)”, and “Listen to your Man”. His last album “Addiction” came in 2009, and he’s been absent from the music scene since.


Chris Walker

Chris Walker released two popular albums in the 90’s, “First Time” and “Sincerely Yours”. His most notable hit was “How Do You Heal a Broken Heart”. Following the release of his album “Zone” in 2011, he recently released “We’re In This Love Together – A Tribute to Al Jarreau” in 2019.


Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams released his debut album “Adventures in Paradise” in 1989 but scored his biggest hit “I’m Dreamin'” from his second album “Changes” in 1992. He hasn’t released an album since “Real Men Do” in 2001, but did return with the new single “Proud 2 Long” in 2018. He linked up with Alexander O’Neal for the new song “Roses” in 2020.


Chuckii Booker

Chuckii Booker has only released two albums to date. Those are “Chuckii” from 1989 and “Niice ‘n Wiild”. Instead, he’s turned his attention to producing and worked with some of the biggest names over the years.



The ever elusive D’Angelo released his third album “Black Messiah” with The Vanguard in 2014. However, he disappeared from the scene once again following performances to support that album. He pops up here and there for spots dates, but who knows when another album will follow.


Damion Hall

“Crazy Legs” is the brother of Aaron Hall and became a member of Guy after the release of their first album. He released a solo album called “Straight to the Point” in 1994, but that was his only one to date. We interviewed him recently to find out about a new solo album. He will be touring in 2023 along with Guy as part of the “Legacy Tour”.


Danny Boy

Danny Boy was most known for his work with Death Row Records including collaborations on 2Pac hit songs. He unfortunately didn’t release any of the albums he recorded during the 90’s, but his debut album “It’s About Time” finally dropped in 2010. He released the new single “This Song” in 2022, and we also spoke with him for an interview. His official debut album “Black Heart” released in 2023.


Dave Hollister

The singer was originally part of Blackstreet before embarking on a solo career. He released “Ghetto Hymns” in 1999 and has released eight albums in total since. His most recent release was “The MANuscript” in 2016. In 2021, he announced he’d formed the group “The Chi” alongside Donell Jones and Carl Thomas.


Donell Jones

Donell Jones has carved out a legendary legacy since he came out in the mid 90’s. His “Where I Wanna Be” album is a bonafide classic and hits like “U Know What’s Up”, “Where I Wanna Be”, “You Know That I Love You”, and “I’m Gonna Be” are still in rotation today. He collaborated with Jon B. on the single “Understand” in 2019. In 2021, he released his latest album “100% Free”. Also that year, he announced he’d formed the group “The Chi” alongside fellow Chicago Natives Carl Thomas and Dave Hollister.


El DeBarge

El DeBarge was very successful with the family group DeBarge in the 80’s. He began his solo career during the 80’s as well but did release the albums “In the Storm” & “Heart, Mind and Soul” during the 90’s. He made a triumphant return to music after 16 years with the new album “Second Chance” in 2010 but hasn’t released anything since. He continues to perform shows from time to time. He joined PJ Morton on his single “On My Way” in 2022.


Ephraim Lewis

The singer released his debut album “Skin” along with the hit singles “It Can’t Be Forever” and “Drowning in Your Eyes” in 1992. He unfortunately died in 1994 leaving behind massive potential.


Eric Benet

Eric Benet remains one of the biggest R&B acts to have emerged from the 90’s. He has released seven solo albums to date with several classics under his belt. His singles “Femininity”, “Georgy Porgy”, “Spend My Life With You” with Tamia, “I Wanna Be Loved”, “Sometimes I Cry”, and “Real Love” remain timeless classics. He released a self titled album in 2016. Since then, he’s continued to perform, and also work in film as well as develop artists.



The singer released his debut album “My Heart Belongs to You” in the mid 90’s alongside super producer Chucky Thompson. The album has gained a cult follow for it’s quality, but unfortunately, Frankie has pretty much disappeared from the scene since.


Freddie Jackson

Jackson has released 13 albums to date with the biggest success coming in the 80’s. His latest album “Love Signals” came out in 2018.


Gerald LeVert

Another one gone too soon. Gerald LeVert was one of the biggest R&B stars of the 90’s while scoring three Platinum and one Gold album. The singer passed away in 2006 and his final album “In My Songs” came out in 2007.



Ginuwine became one of the biggest 90’s R&B stars while releasing his albums “Ginuwine…the Bachelor” & “100% Ginuwine”. Songs like “Pony”, “So Anxious”, Same Ol G”, “Differences”, and “Stingy” have stood the test of time as classic singles. His last album was “Elgin” in 2011 and has only hinted at new albums since then with nothing being imminent. He did release “Three Kings” with Tyrese and Tank in 2013 as TGT. He continues to tour very actively, and there are rumors that TGT will reunite for a new project.


Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones was most successful in the 80’s, but scored hits in the 90’s like “Stay”, “Here I Go Again”, and “I’ve Been Searchin’ (Nobody Like You)”. He has mostly been inactive since his album “Feels Good” in 2002, but did release the single “You & Me” in 2018.


Horace Brown

Horace Brown has officially only released one album to date which came in 1996. He stills tours to this day based on his hit singles “”Taste Your Love”, “One for the Money” & “Things We Do for Love”.


Jason Weaver

Jason Weaver aka J-Weav is most likely known for his acting more than his singing. He released the albums “Love Ambition” and “Stay With Me” in the mid 90’s, and is also notable for being featured on Chingy’s hit “One Call Away” in 2004. He hasn’t released anything since.


Jeff Redd

Jeff Redd was discovered by Andre Harrell and his debut album “A Quiet Storm” was a prominent part of the New Jack Swing movement. His second album “Down Low” never released and he’s done a lot of work behind the scenes over the years. He occasionally has put out a new single here and there since.


Jesse Powell

Jesse Powell has released four albums to date including his biggest hit “You” from his second album “Bout It”. Following his fourth album “Jesse” in 2003, he has supposedly retired from the music industry. Sadly, Jesse Powell passed away in September 2022.



Joe has elevated his legendary status over the years to become one of the all time greats. Timeless hits like “All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do)”, “Don’t Wanna Be a Player”, “I Wanna Know”, “Stutter”, among many, many others have made him a fan favorite. His last album was “My Name is Joe Thomas” back in 2016 and he has threatened to retire from releasing new music, but he still tours the world.


Johnny Gill

Johnny Gill remains one of the biggest superstars in the R&B genre. He’s had success as a solo artist, with New Edition and with Levert Sweat Gill (LSG). He’s most recently released the albums “Game Changer” in 2014 and “Game Changer II” in 2019. Both have been huge successes and churned out multiple hit songs. He continues to tour as part of New Edition.


Jon B.

The legendary Jon B. began his career under the mentor ship of Babyface and churned out timeless hits like “Someone to Love”, “Pretty Girl”, “Are U Still Down”, “They Don’t Know”, “Don’t Talk” and many more. His last album “Comfortable Swagg” came in 2012 but he is constantly creating new music. He released the single “Understand” with Donell Jones in 2019, and he is also always on the road performing shows. In 2023, he released the new collaborative single “Waiting on You” with Tank, with the promise of a new album for 2024.

Jon B. BB Kings August 2016


Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat rose to prominence in the late 80’s with “Make it Last Forever” but carried that momentum into the 90’s to carve out a legendary career. Most recently he released his 13th studio album “Playing for Keeps” in 2018. In 2021, he put out the new single “Can’t Nobody” with Raheem DeVaughn. He performed on the road as part of the “Legacy Tour” in 2023.

Keith Washington

Keith Washington released three albums throughout the 90’s including “Make Time for Love”, “You Make it Easy”, and “KW”. His biggest hit was his first single “Kissing You”. He has not been very active with releasing new music since


Kenny Lattimore

Kenny Lattimore has been as consistent as they come over the years. He released his latest album “Here To Stay” in 2021. He talked to us about the album in a recent interview.

Kenny Lattimore Live Fusion Festival Jul 2012


Kevon Edmonds

Kevon Edmonds is perhaps best known for his work as part of the group After 7. As a solo artist, he released “24/7” in 1999, and “Who Knew” in 2009. He has not released any solo material since, but has continued to release albums with After 7.



Link released the highly acclaimed album “Sex Down” in 1998, followed by “Creepin” 10 years later. He has been pretty quiet since, but he did catch up with us for a recent interview to share his history.



R&B singer Lorenzo Smith released three albums during the 90’s including “Let Me Show You”, “Lorenzo”, and “Love On My Mind”. He created hits like “Tic Tok”, “Real Love”, “Make Love 2 Me” and “I Can’t Stand The Pain”, but hasn’t released anything since.


Luther Vandross

This legend left behind a timeless legacy when he unfortunately passed away in 2005.


Marc Dorsey

Marc Dorsey released his debut album “Crave” in 1999 which spawned the hit singles “If You Really Wanna Know”, “All I Do” & the title track. He was also well known from his collaboration with LL Cool J on “Luv U Better”. In an interview many years ago, he let us know he had essentially retired from music.


Marc Nelson

It is often forgotten that Marc Nelson was an original member of Boyz II Men. He went on to be a solo artist instead and released the albums “I Want You” and “Chocolate Mood” in the 90’s. He was also a hit songwriter behind the scenes. Marc was also part of the group Az Yet and released an album with them. His last solo album “Marc My Words” came in 2007 and occasionally since then he has toured with Boyz II Men. Check out our most recent interview with Marc Nelson.


Mario Winans

The hit producer released his debut album “Story of My Heart” in 1996 and followed up with his #1 album “Hurt No More” in 2004. He’s known for the single “I Don’t Wanna Know” but even more so known for creating hit songs as part of the Bad Boy camp. He has been pretty inactive as a solo artist over the past decade. We interviewed him in 2020 to find out what’s coming next.



The ever mysterious Maxwell emerged out of the mid 90’s neo soul era with his classic album “Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite”. He has released five albums to date, and we currently await the third part of his “BLACKsummers’night” album trilogy, with parts 1 and 2 coming in 2009 and 2016. Maxwell announced that the third part of his “blacksummers’night” trilogy would release in 2022, although we continue to wait for it.


Montell Jordan

The “This Is How We Do It” singer famously left the music scene to pursue a new life as a pastor. He finally returned in 2019 after a 10+ year hiatus to release the new R&B album “Masterpeace”.



Myron made a name for himself in the mid 90’s with his debut album “Destiny”. Since then he has released two other albums, “Free” in 2003 and “Myron & The Works” with Meshell Ndegeocello & Robert Glasper in 2008. Our friend Edd at SoulInStereo.com did a piece on Myron years ago, and Myron chimed in that he has been doing work producing music and films behind the scenes since.


Nate Dogg

The famous hip hop hook man unfortunately passed away in 2011. In his time with us, he did release three solo albums: G-Funk Classics, Vol. 1 & 2 in 1998, Music & Me in 2001 and Nate Dogg in 2003.


R Kelly

R. Kelly is currently in jail after being found guilty of various crimes.


Rahsaan Patterson

Rahsaan Patterson made a name for himself in the 90’s with his self titled album and “Love in Stereo”. He’s created memorable hits like “Stop By”, “Where You Are”, “Spend the Night”, and more. He has released six solo albums to date including “Heroes & Gods” in 2019.


Ralph Tresvant

The founding member of New Edition also found success as a solo artist with the albums “Ralph Tresvant”, “It’s Goin’ Down”, & “Rizz-Wa-Faire”. He hasn’t released solo material in over a decade but recently announced plans for a new project. He released the joint single with Johnny Gill called “All Mine” in 2020. Ralph continues to tour as part of New Edition.


Ray J

Brandy’s little brother has become a big time celebrity since the release of his debut album “Everything You Want” in 1997. He has released four albums to date including “All I Feel” in 2008. He’s very well known from reality TV. In 2022, he joined the group RSVP along with Bobby V., Pleasure P and Sammie.


Sam Salter

Sam Salter released his debut album “It’s On Tonight” in 1997 which yielded hit singles “After 12, Before 6” and “There You Are.” His sophomore album “Little Black Book” was unfortunately shelved. He unfortunately passed away in 2021.


Terence Trent D’Arby

The singer made a name for himself in the 80’s on his debut album “Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D’Arby” and hit singles “Wishing Well”, “Dance Little Sister”, and “Sign Your Name”. Since then he’s had a lot of success overseas and his latest album “Prometheus & Pandora” arrived in 2017.


Tevin Campbell

Tevin Campbell was a child superstar who released four albums in the 90’s and had the big hits “Can We Talk”, “Round and Round”, and “Tell Me What You Want Me to Do”. Aside from the new single “Safer on the Ground” in 2016, he hasn’t really been heard from in decades, although he has begun to emerge recently and perform shows.


Tony Rich Project

Tony Rich is mostly known from his debut album “Words” from 1996 and massive hit single “Nobody Knows”. He has released seven albums to date including the latest “Encaustic” in 2017.


Tony Terry

Tony Terry emerged onto the scene in the late 80’s with the debut album “Forever Yours” and has released six albums in total. His biggest hits include “She’s Fly”, Lovey Dovey”, and “With You”. His last album came in 2015.


Tony Thompson

The lead singer of Hi-Five unfortunately had his life cut short in 2007. He released the solo album “Sexsational” in 1995.


Trey Lorenz

Trey Lorenz is perhaps most well known for his collaborations with Mariah Carey, including signing to her label. He released his self titled album in 1992 and “Mr. Mista” in 2006. His biggest hit to date is “Someone to Hold”. He hasn’t really released much new music since.



Tyrese has grown into not only a superstar R&B singer, but also a superstar actor. His last album “Black Rose” came in 2015 and the singer claimed that was his final album. He began to release new music once again in 2023 with some new singles.


Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam gave us his self title debut album in 1997 with the hit song “I Don’t Ever Want to See You Again”. He was signed to Boyz II Men’s record label, but hasn’t been heard from since.



Usher remains one of the biggest superstars we have in R&B music. We currently anticipate the long awaited “Confessions 2” album which will be his first album since “Hard II Love” in 2016. It is expected to include the recent hit singles “Don’t Waste My Time” and “Bad Habits”. We interviewed him in 2022, following his successful run of Las Vegas shows. During 2024, he will perform at the Super Bowl and also release his new album “Coming Home”.


Will Downing

Will Downing has had a very successful career spanning over three decades. His most recent album was “Sophisticated Soul” in 2021.



One of your favorites missing? Did we leave someone out? Feel free to let us know in the comments.