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We’re in a time in music when it’s very easy to lose track of your favorite artists from years past; especially the ones who haven’t released music on a consistent basis.

As one of the main authorities in R&B Music, we’ve once again taken on the ambitious task to fill in R&B fans on the current whereabouts on all of the Male Groups from the 2000’s (2000-2009). Whereas the 90’s era was one of the best we will ever see for male R&B groups, the 2000’s certainly was not able to keep up.

In fact, towards the end of the decade it had already become a trend to have less and less groups in favor of solo acts; a tradition that lives on to this day.

We’ve compiled the below information from various sources which most importantly include being on the R&B scene for many years and making it our job to be on the pulse of the latest news. Have you ever found yourself wondering “Whatever happened to…” your favorite artist? Hopefully we’ve helped to answer that question. You’ll find that most of the groups on the list below are now sadly broken up or dissolved, but at least left us with quality music while they were still releasing it. This list includes the R&B groups who debuted between 2000 and 2009. Click on any artist name to see all recent posts about that artist.

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The Atlanta based group made up of members Trè’Kas Simms, Marvin “Will” Williams, Lawrence Gibbs & Cory Griffin came up under the tutelage of R. Kelly with their breakout single “Calling All Girls”. Their debut album “The ATL Project” released in 2004 and featured early guest appearances from Ciara as well as production from Jazze Pha, Bryan-Michael Cox, Johnta Austin & Mario Winans. They also had moderate success with the single “Make It Up With Love”. Unfortunately the project did not perform well and the group disbanded shortly after.


This group was easily the most successful on this list. Teen sensations Omarion, J-Boog, Raz-B, & Lil’ Fizz were massive in the early 00’s on the strength of their self titled debut album as well as follow up “Pandemonium”. They starred in the movie “You Got Served” as well as on the Scream tours. However, the group disbanded shortly after with each pursuing solo projects of their own. They finally got back together for a reunion as part of the wildly successful “The Millennium Tour” in 2019.


The group consisting of five brothers Dustin, Kelly, Patrick, Carnell & Bryan Breeding linked up with Puff Daddy and signed with Bad Boy Entertainment in the mid 2000’s. Their self titled debut album and sophomore effort “Don’t Talk, Just Listen” followed and led to pretty big success. After a Hiatus, the group signed to Motown in 2013 but unfortunately did not release an album. A new single called “Do That” arrived in 2018, as well as “Wave” in 2019. An EP was to follow called “New Jacksons” which has yet to release. They were also to be a part of the “TB: The Reunion Tour” in 2019 which eventually was scrapped.


This group consisting of Anthony Harrell, Cheyenne Harrell, Grady Harrell, Jacob Harrell & Jared Overton released their self titled debut album in 2008. They did not garner much success with the album despite positive reviews, and broke up shortly after to pursue solo projects. Brothers Jacob and Cheyenne went on to form the duo Jake & Papa.


The group made up of Robert Curry, Willie Taylor, Michael “Big Mike” McCluney, Qwanell “Que” Mosley, and Brian Angel were originally formed by P. Diddy for a season of his Making the Band reality show. Their first two albums reached #1 on the charts. Unfortunately the group has suffered many break ups over the years along with many reunions. Each of the members has released solo music in some form over the past decade. The group’s most recent project was the EP “The Return” in 2014. They released a new album called “A New Day” in 2018. They were also to be a part of the “TB: The Reunion Tour” in 2019 which eventually was scrapped. The group joined The Millennium Tour in 2022 and the group continues to tour with all five original members

Luke & Q

New Orleans based duo Luke James & Quinten Spears aka Luke & Q were signed to The Underdogs and J Records in the mid 2000’s. They only released one single called “My Turn” and no album followed. The group broke up after, and Luke James has had great success as a solo artist in the industry since.

Metro City

The Boston based group was signed to A&M / Interscope Records in the late 2000’s and featured group members Cyrus, Jy, Rey, & Tookie. Their debut album was scrapped and they disbanded afterwards.


This group was put out by Chris Stokes who attempted to follow the same formula he had with Immature and B2K. The group released their debut album “Issues” via Virgin in 2005 which featured the hit “Baby Mama Love” featuring Jermaine Dupri. The album did not fare well and the group hasn’t been heard from since.

One Chance

This Usher discovered group was originally signed to J Records and consisted of group members Rob Brent, Jon Gordon, Michael Gordon, & Courtney Vantrease. Their debut album “Private” was scrapped by the label, and they eventually signed on with T-Pain at his Nappy Boy Records. They released a mixtape called “Ain’t No Room For Talkin'” in 2011 and broke up shortly after.

Pretty Ricky

The group members of Pretty Ricky include Marcus “Pleasure P” Cooper, “Spectacular” Blue Smith, Diamond “Baby Blue” Smith, and Corey “Slick’em” Mathis. They broke out in the mid 2000’s with their debut album “Blue Stars” featuring songs like “Grind With Me” and “Your Body”. They went on hiatus after Pleasure P went solo in the late 2000’s, but have reunited over the years including on the “Millenium Tour” in 2019. Most recently, in 2020 they released the new single called “Body” with all four original members. They had begun touring again with all original members following their reunion.

Product G&B

This group scored one of the biggest hits of the 90’s with their feature on the Carlos Santana single “Maria, Maria”. The group is made up of David McRae (Sincere Gubano) and Marvin Moore (Money Harm) and were affiliated with Wyclef Jean’s The Refugee Camp for a time. They came out with the singles “Cluck Cluck” and “Dirty Dancing” which were to be included on their debut album “Ghetto & Blues” which has never released.

Prophet Jones

DC based group Prophet Jones was made up of group members Patrick “P” Rowe, Kevin “K.D.” Jackson, Tony “Hollywood” Dumas & Jerome “Goldee” Lattisaw. They’ve only released one album to date which included the hit single “Lifetime” from 2001. The group was signed to Motown, but haven’t been heard from since the album.

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