Raheem DeVaughn Presents From Lust Till Dawn

Raheem DeVaughn has just released his collaboration album “Raheem DeVaughn Presents From Lust Till Dawn”.

The singer states about the project:

“I want to be known and have a name for being a contributor to the culture of R&B and soul music, not just though my music but it could be through my penmanship, through songs that I write or artists I’ve discovered…not only in the D.C. area, but artists from different parts of the country and the world.”

“Raheem DeVaughn Presents From Lust Till Dawn” includes collaborations with Wes Felton, Bee Boy$oul, YahZarah, Georgia Reign and many more.

Included throughout the project are the trademark grooves that DeVaughn has given us for the better part of the past two decades now.

It’s crazy to think that Raheem DeVaughn has given us at least one new album every single year. There was “Decade of a Love King” in 2018, “The Love Reunion” in 2019, “What a Time to Be In Love” in 2020, “Lovesick” with Apollo Brown in 2021, and “Back 2 Love” with Bee Boy$oul in 2022.