YouKnowIGotSoul Best RnB Albums of 2022

We continue our look back at 2022 in the R&B genre by presenting a list of our picks for the Top 15 Best Albums of the Year. We previously released our list of the Top 100 Best R&B Songs of 2022 in partnership with Soul In Stereo, and now we share our list of the Best R&B Albums in 2022.

This year in R&B was a bit all over the place, as you will see from our list below. We got strong releases from the veterans, from newcomers to the genre, and everything in between. As the world continues it’s recovery from the pandemic which really slowed down releases over the past two years, it’s been great to see so much quality music being made.

As a note, we try to get our hands on and listen to as many releases as possible. So while it’s possible we may have missed something, we pride ourselves on attempting to give everything a fair shot. Also of note, this list includes albums as well as EP’s, since these days many artists prefer to just release an EP.

We never like to rank the albums, instead just celebrate quality releases, so the below is listed in alphabetical order. You can click on any of the album titles to be directed to listen to the album. Enjoy!

Amber Mark – Three Dimensions Deep

Amber Mark has been impressing us with her projects over the years. But her debut album was a real standout with her eclectic sound, and shows she’s got skills well beyond her years.


Ari Lennox – Age/Sex/Location

The much anticipated album from Ari Lennox did not disappoint one bit. There are so many standout songs on the album and this is the one we all knew she was capable of delivering while pushing herself to the forefront of the genre.


Beyonce – Renaissance

Beyonce can seemingly do no wrong. Each of her releases over the years is carefully and masterfully crafted, and contains plenty of good music. “Renaissance” is no exception.


Coco Jones – What I Didn’t Tell You

We’ve been following Coco Jones for many years now and her debut EP really impressed us. Her vocals are outstanding, the lyrics are genuine, and we’re ready for a full length album.


Durand Bernarr – Wanderlust

Durand Bernarr is one of those artists who unfortunately wasn’t on our radar, but that’s more our fault than his. We’re glad we did get a chance to hear this album “Wanderlust” because it’s easily one of the best in R&B this year.
Durand Bernarr Wanderlust

Eric Roberson – Lessons

We’ve been singing the praises of Eric Roberson for so many years now and all he continues to do with every release is make us look smart. The single “Lessons” was one of our favorite releases from last year, but the album is yet another gem from the man who never lets us down.


India Shawn – Before We Go (Deeper)

We were so impressed when India Shawn dropped her EP “Before We Go” last year. That project was easily one of the best in R&B in 2021, but her full length album takes it to another level by adding even more great songs. Her music continues to be refreshingly unique and we always want more.


Jade Novah – Moon In Pisces

Jade Novah is another of those artist who we continue to be more and more impressed with with every release. Her EP “Moon In Pisces” was a real gem this year.


Joyce Wrice – Motive

Joyce Wrice is perhaps our favorite R&B sensation emerging from the younger generation. The new EP “Motive” is a great example of how her music effortlessly meshes traditional and current R&B.


Kem – Full Circle

Kem is another of those R&B stars who simply never lets us down with every release. His latest EP was a nice surprise to hold us over until his next full length masterpiece.


Lady Wray – Piece of Me

Nicole aka Lady Wray has really carved out a lane for herself with her fresh brand of vintage soul. You’ll hear that all over the latest album “Piece Of Me” which is packed with great songs top to bottom.


Lucky Daye – Candydrip

Lucky Daye can simply do no wrong, at least in our eyes. Ever since he broke out a few years ago with his fresh take on R&B, we simply have not been able to get enough. His sophomore album “Candydrip” was just what we were looking for.


PJ Morton – Watch the Sun

PJ Morton is another of those artists who simply never lets us down. “Watch The Sun” is another masterfully crafted body of work that he presents to us. The man has simply been releasing great music for years now.


Raheem DeVaughn – From Lust Till Dawn

Yet another great release from the hardest working man in R&B music. This time he switches things up a bit and lets some of his friends shine on the album, but he of course puts his stamp on it and makes it another great project.


Sidibe – Diamond in the Desert

Wow, what an artist! We’ve been featuring Sidibe for many years now, but she continues to blow us away with each release. Her music simply sounds like nothing else out there.